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All we need to generate a valuation for your car is your vehicle registration and your current mileage.

All valuations are subject to the car being professionally appraised at one of our approved centres and being in good condition.

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Dick Lovett is a leading buyer of used cars in the South West and Wales, offering the best valuations and prices for models. 

Whether you want to upgrade or part-exchange your car or just want to sell, we’ve made the process hassle-free and safe. We don’t charge any admin or payment fees, and you can rest assured that we are a legitimate business with over 50 years experience in the motor trade.

We can estimate the value of your vehicle and tell you what it’s worth in today’s market simply from your registration and mileage. We also guarantee to pay premium part-exchange prices for good condition models with a full-service history. 

You can also choose to sell or part-exchange your PCP car early and put any positive equity towards your next new car.

Why Choose Dick Lovett over other selling websites?

Why Choose Dick Lovett over other selling websites?

Sell Your Car To Dick Lovett

We are brand experts, so we know the true market value of your car. We have years of experience in buying, selling and valuing vehicles and do it every day. We understand optional extras and additional specifications. 

Our aim is to provide excellent customer service which is why we believe in transparency on both sides.

If you provide accurate details about your vehicle, we can offer you the best price. We will also make accurate calculations based on the car's condition. That's why we are confident we can get you more for your vehicle than other cash for car websites because you are selling directly to the experts.

For more information on what we can do for you, read more on why to sell your car to a dealer.

For a full, detailed valuation visit one of our dealerships for a no-obligation quote.