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Any imperfection to your car is distressing, but at Dick Lovett Porsche our state-of-the-art Porsche Repair Centre offers extensive services and we pride ourselves on returning your car to its original condition, whatever the damage.

If your car has been involved in an accident or collision, then you have two options. Your insurance company can decide where to have the repairs done. Or, you can insist on having your car repaired at Dick Lovett Porsche in  our state-of-the-art Repair Centre. Your insurer may suggest and recommend using their approved Bodyshops, but in most cases the final choice of repairer is yours.

Dick Lovett Spraymaster is our Porsche Recommended Repairer.

This official status means Dick Lovett Spraymaster is recommended for body and paint services by Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd to its National Network of Centres.

With all work carried out at Dick Lovett Spraymaster, you will receive our 2 year guarantee, which we hope will provide you with peace of mind that your Porsche has been repaired to meticulous standards and shows our intention to maintain these standards throughout the vehicle's lifetime.

In order to attain such a status, Dick Lovett Spraymaster meet the strict Operating Standards as set out by Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd. The Operating Standards to which they adhere are written by Porsche Cars GB Ltd and are updated annually as required in technical advancements within the vehicle range. The Operating Standards are based on qualitative process and workmanship expected by Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd.

We maintain our compliance to the Operating Standards by consistency achieving the required training, tooling and equipment as well as the repair processes as set out by Porsche AG for the repair of its vehicles.

Dick Lovett Spraymaster is audited annually and continuously monitored for compliance to the Body and Paint Operating Standards by Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd. The Operating Standards are audited on behalf of Porsche GB Ltd by an independent auditing company.

When using Dick Lovett Spraymaster, you can be confident your vehicle will be returned to the exact manufacturer specification and original build quality.

To find out more about Dick Lovett Spraymaster and the Porsche Recommended Repairer programme, please view our short video:

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