Porsche Servicing in Bristol, Cardiff, Swindon & Tewkesbury

Porsche Servicing in Bristol, Cardiff, Swindon & Tewkesbury

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Porsche Servicing

Specialist Porsche servicing

At Dick Lovett we want to ensure your Porsche remains in the best possible condition and our Porsche Centres in Bristol, Swindon, Tewkesbury and Cardiff have a wide choice of servicing offers to help you keep your Porsche fully maintained.

All the work is carried out by fully-trained, Porsche approved specialists using the latest technology and genuine Porsche parts.

Whether you want an affordable, value service, a simple oil change, an air-conditioning service, a major service or even a full engine overhaul, our expert team can help. Contact us by telephone or online or call in to our Porsche Centres in Bristol, Swindon, Tewkesbury or Cardiff.

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Porsche Taycan Servicing

Taycan Servicing and Maintenance

Our High Voltage Technicians have undergone specific Porsche training to ensure they are fully prepared in servicing and maintaining your Taycan. 

Servicing your Taycan is even easier with the choice of three Porsche electric vehicle Service Plans to keep your Taycan in top condition, allowing you to budget and plan your maintenance in advance. The first decision you will need to make is what level Service plan you would like for your Taycan. Core, Current or Charged. These three plans offer various options included in your service.

When you have chosen your plan, you can also decide whether you would like to pay for your plan in instalments or (depending on the plan) spread the cost over a minimum of 36 months.

Contact our service team for more information.

Benefits of taking out a service plan:
  • Spread the payments easily
  • Enjoy a fixed price and receive a fully documented Porsche service history
  • Our Porsche-trained technicians use genuine Porsche parts
  • If you decide to sell your Taycan the plan can be transferred to the new owner

Core Plan

The Core plan includes 2 routine services over a 4 year period or at 40k miles with a pollen filter change, brake fluid change and Electronic Vehicle Health check (EVHC).

Current Plan

The Current Taycan Service Plan adds on a change of wiper blades and two MOT’s over the 4 year period or at 40K miles and includes two full battery charges while your car is with us for the services.

Charged Plan

The final plan, Charged, includes all of the above, but takes place over a 6 year period or at 60K miles and also includes a set of standard brake pads.

Things to remember:

  1. If you ask the Porsche Centre to carry out any work not included within the recommended service plan, you will have to pay for it when the work is done
  2. Any services or work not carried out before the contract end or mileage limit cannot subsequently be claimed for
  3. Damage caused to the vehicle as a result of neglecting service requirements will be charged to you
  4. You must ensure your Taycan is road-worthy and pay any costs arising from any damage caused to, or deterioration of, your vehicle other than through fair wear and tear and does not include glass/body repairs or any other damage
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