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Posted 24th July 2020


Electric cars have been all over the news, television and social media recently, but many people still have questions about the phrases they have heard…the Porsche Charging Planner, recuperation, Performance Battery and Range Mode… Here we answer some of the most interesting questions we have been asked about the new Porsche Taycan.

Will it take the same amount of time to charge every time?

There are many things which can affect the charging rate, including battery temperature, charging output and state of charge (the amount of charge you already have in your battery). You can use the Porsche Charging Planner to reduce the charging time by preconditioning the battery ready for charging.

What does the Porsche Charging Planner do?

When you activate your navigation, the Charging Planner will aim to reduce your overall journey time by planning to stop at the most efficient times to charge, and will only plan to stop if the end destination will leave you with less than 13% of charge.


How does braking recuperation work?

The Taycan has a maximum braking rate of 265kW which generates energy when you are slowing down, which is then fed back into the battery. Up to 90% of everyday braking can be recovered using Porsche Recuperation Management to give more battery power back.

How can an electric Porsche do the same launch control speed every time when others have a decrease in speed?

The Taycan gets its electric energy from the 800V battery system that is made up of thin and light cables, and it has an incredible thermal management system which results in the same power output every time.

In other words, the battery will not overheat; so for example, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S will consistently produce the same 0-62mph time of just 2.8 seconds when doing launch control - time and time again.

What happens to the Taycan in Range Mode?

The Porsche Intelligent Range Manager will work to keep the Taycan as economical on battery power as possible. This includes altering the speed, climate of the car and route to save battery power.


What is the difference between the Performance Battery and the Performance Battery Plus?

The Performance Battery Plus has 5 additional modules. These extra modules result in an additional 40kW of power compared to the Performance Battery.

In terms of speed, the Performance Battery produces 435 PS whereas the Performance Battery Plus gives out 490 PS which turns into an impressive 571 PS with launch control. On the Taycan 4S you can invest in a Performance Battery Plus by adding it to your specification for £4,613. 

Which bits on the Taycan are aerodynamic?

The Taycan has Porsche Active Aerodynamics which includes an optimised flat floor, flow through air curtains and deploying door handles.

Taycan 1

How can you tell how full the battery is?

With Porsche E-Control functionality within the Porsche Connect App, this allows Taycan owners to check the charging speed and status of their Porsche, pre-condition the interior and check the current electric range.

If we haven’t answered one of the questions you have been contemplating about the Porsche Taycan, why not leave us a comment on social media or enquire with our sales team for more information about the fantastic all-electric Porsche?

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