Why fit Porsche winter tyres and wheels when temperatures drop?

Posted 3rd January 2020

Porsche Winter Wheels

Every Porsche, from the 718 to the Cayenne and the all-electric Taycan is designed to handle perfectly in every season. However, to get the best from your car during the cold months, it's best to fit N-designated Porsche winter tyres.

Only these tyres are optimally suited to meet the specific requirements of your Porsche and perfectly align with its electronic control systems.

Driving in cold conditions without N-marked winter tyres means you only benefit from a limited warranty and aren’t eligible for a warranty extension. So another very good reason to fit Porsche winter wheels soon is to make the most of Porsche’s full warranty. 

Porsche normal (1)

When to have Porsche winter tyres fitted

Summer tyres start to feel the pressure once temperatures reach around +7˚C. Rubber compounds begin to harden, affecting performance and forcing you to allow longer braking distances.

That's why we recommend you have Porsche winter wheels fitted as soon as possible by the Porsche-trained technicians at your nearest Dick Lovett Porsche Centre.

Tested to the limit 

Porsche is constantly working with engineering experts from leading tyre manufacturers, to take advantage of the latest innovations in technology and safety.

All Porsche Tequipment winter wheels and tyres are tested to extremes and judged on 33 criteria, including performance, directional stability and traction – and with particular emphasis on braking distances and reliability. Only the best performing tyres are officially recommended by Porsche and awarded the special 'N' designation.

Porsche Driving in Snow

Porsche winter wheels for true Porsche performance in cold weather

Porsche winter wheels and tyres meet the highest standards of quality, safety and driving experience. Ensuring optimum performance in cold weather by bonding to the road surface making brakes much more efficient.

In fact, with Porsche winter tyres fitted, the braking distance in wet conditions is cut by as much as 12%, while in snow in can be improved by up to 19%, giving you tighter control and greater protection.

Porsche Winter Wheels Rain and Snow

Design as perfect as your Porsche

Porsche winter wheel sets combine impressive power output with stunning design as only Porsche can. Created by the team who design the cars themselves, they complement the aesthetics of your car and are custom-tailored to each individual model for a perfect fit.

Even better, there’s no need to stick to the usual. With a choice of 18, 19, 20 or 21 inch wheels in sporty, classic, slender or striking designs and satin or black high gloss paint options, changing over to winter wheels is also a great opportunity to change the look of your Porsche.

Stay safe. Stay protected. Book now

Book now to have Porsche-approved winter wheels and tyres fitted right away at our state-of-the-art servicing facilities in Bristol, Newport, Swindon and Tewkesbury.

Then you can truly enjoy driving on winter roads, safe in the knowledge that your car can handle tough conditions and you have the protection of the full Porsche warranty.

Book now

For more information, please contact your local Porsche Centre:

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