What is Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur?

Posted 5th April 2022

Porsche Manufaktur

With all the excitement surrounding the expansion of Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, you may have caught yourself wondering - what exactly is Exclusive Manufaktur and how does it benefit me? Well if you have purchased a new Porsche before, then the chances are that you are already aware of the extensive list of optional extras that can be fitted to your car. Exclusive Manufaktur gives you the power to build a Porsche that is entirely unique to you.

For many, the dream of owning a Porsche has been nurtured throughout a lifetime of hard work. So why stop after selecting your wheels, paint, and interior leather? Only you know what you want, and Exclusive Manufaktur is here to make sure that you get it. Whether you’re looking for bespoke paint or tinted taillights, the combinations of exclusive options are limitless.

Porsche Manufaktur  (1)

Porsche Manufaktur  (2)

First things first, paint. Typically, the first detail that we pick and the last option we change, paint can require a lot of thought. Thanks to Porsche’s new Exclusive Manufaktur Paint to Sample programme, there are over 100 pre-approved paint options to choose from. That’s without looking at the infinite possible colours that you could choose from the world around you, meaning the decision just got a lot tougher.

A recent study found that over the course of our lifetimes, we spend on average over 4 years travelling in cars. You deserve to spend that time in a space that is your own. Thanks to Exclusive Manufaktur, you can choose from hundreds of leather and stitching combinations to build an interior that expresses your personality. If you are looking for something totally unique on your next 911, then check out the Exclusive Manufaktur Leather Interior on the Porsche Car Configurator to add leather colours such as Riviera Blue and Lipstick Red.

Porshce Manufaktur Leather

It’s not all contrasting leathers and vibrant paints. Exclusive Manufaktur also weaves its way into the more physical features of your configurations. For example, did you know that it is possible to have a bespoke message written on your illuminated carbon door sills, or that your Taycan headlights can be made in Glacier Blue? Leather steering wheels can be swapped for Race-Tex, carbon and even wood. Whilst the Sports Design Package which comes in either exterior colour, gloss-black or carbon fibre adds a sharp, sporty edge to finish off your exterior.

If you can dream it, Porsche will make it. Make it personal. Make it with Exclusive Manufaktur.

Take a closer look at all available models and explore the Exclusive Manufaktur of options available across the model range.

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