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What Car? Electric Porsche Winners

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At the start of this month, Porsche took home two awards in the What Car? Electric Car Awards 2020. The Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid and Taycan 4S became the winners in their categories that celebrate all things hybrid and electric. The What Car? magazine aims to help future buyers understand the developing market by testing and assessing hybrid and electric cars from various brands.

Taking Charge

The Taycan 4S was the winner in the Electric Performance Car Category. The new electric Porsche was commended for being able to charge more quickly, go further and lay down more impressive speeds than competitors when equipped with the Performance Battery Plus. 

Porsche Taycan 4S

What Car? said that the Taycan has “raised the bar for electric performance cars” and has shown that “battery power doesn’t have to mean a one-dimensional driving experience.” The jurors also noted that the Taycan is “playful” to drive and doesn’t lack anything that a petrol sports car has when driving it. With 530PS and a 0-62mph speed of just 4.0 seconds, even petrol heads will appreciate the sheer power and speed of the Taycan 4S.

Charging Ahead

In the category of Hybrid Performance car, the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid came out on top. The plug-in hybrid drives with zero emissions for up to 31 miles with the 134bhp electric motor and also has a twin-turbocharged V6 engine. What Car? pointed out that the Panamera not only handles wonderfully, but is roomy enough for your family, if they can handle the power output of 462PS and the top speed of 172mph from the 2.9-litre engine.


The judges said that the Panamera is a “prime example of how plug-in hybrids can be exciting and yet eminently liveable” and noted the “sensible running costs and a beautiful interior” of the Panamera as some of the highlights.

Charged Up

Winning two What Car? Electric Car Awards has been a phenomenal achievement for the Porsche brand. The two Porsches have been tested for everyday usability, driving enjoyment and most importantly electric performance and have beaten the competition. Both of these models are charged up and ready for you to take a test drive from your closest Porsche Centre. Contact us to experience the power of an electric Porsche.

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