Two Classic Porsches restored by Porsche Centre Swindon for Project 20

Posted 3rd May 2019

Porsche 911 SC   1982 and 968 Sport   1996

Porsche Centre Swindon are delighted to showcase their contributions to Project 20 at the Classic Car Show at the NEC on the 9th, 10th and 11th November.

Project 20 has seen 20 detailed and comprehensive restorations from the Classic Porsche range and marks 70 years of Porsche sports cars, spanning a 914 1.7 Manual Coupé from 1970 to a 986 Boxster from 2000. Each car in this spectacular line-up has received the highest attention-to-detail at every stage from an Official Classic Porsche Centre.

Porsche Centre Swindon has fully restored a 911 SC from 1982 and a 968 Sport from 1996. As an official Classic Porsche Centre, Porsche Centre Swindon had the expertise to restore the two Porsches which needed various levels of renovation. The 968 was a larger scale project than the 911 and required more extensive work, but both have been beautifully finished to the same exacting standard.

Restored Porsche 911 SC

Restored Porsche 968

Mechanically each vehicle has been fastidiously restored with every single moving part inspected, refreshed and/or replaced with brand new Genuine Porsche Classic parts. All mechanical work has been undertaken by our renowned team of Classic Certified technicians ensuring the best possible results.

A unified colour scheme has been selected for the 20 cars in the project. The exterior uses the iconic ‘Liquid Metal’ paint scheme first seen on the 918 Spyder Hypercar and is complemented by new glass, lights, trims and wheels. With contrasting matte black details and black wheels, each exterior is flawless and factory fresh. Once inside the car, the highlights continue with bespoke satin ‘Porsche’ seat centres and fully refreshed dashboards, carpeting and a commemorative plaque to finish off the aesthetic makeover.

Porsche Engine

Restored Porsche 911 SC   1982 and 968 Sport   1996

Porsche Interior

Prospective buyers looking to revisit a past ownership experience or newcomers to the Porsche Classic scene could not ask for 20 more perfectly executed examples of each model. Each car Porsche makes is designed with the driver in mind and historically with each model line has maintained its reputation as the market leader in terms of performance, reliability and build quality.

Project 20 is giving the UK the opportunity to experience these cars from all generations as they were when they left the factory in Germany. The models that will be displayed and available to purchase are listed below:

Model Year Varient
914 1970 1.7 Manual Coupé
924 1981 Turbo Manual
911 1982 SC Manual Coupé
944 1986 Turbo Manual
964 1990 C4 Manual Coupé
928 1993 GT Manual Coupé
968 1996 Sport Manual Coupé
993 1996 C4 Manual Coupé
996 1999 C2 Manual Coupé
996 2003 Turbo Manual Coupé
10 x 986 Boxster 2000 S 3.2 Manual
Model 914
Year 1970
Varient 1.7 Manual Coupé
Model 924
Year 1981
Varient Turbo Manual
Model 911
Year 1982
Varient SC Manual Coupé
Model 944
Year 1986
Varient Turbo Manual
Model 964
Year 1990
Varient C4 Manual Coupé
Model 928
Year 1993
Varient GT Manual Coupé
Model 968
Year 1996
Varient Sport Manual Coupé
Model 993
Year 1996
Varient C4 Manual Coupé
Model 996
Year 1999
Varient C2 Manual Coupé
Model 996
Year 2003
Varient Turbo Manual Coupé
Model 10 x 986 Boxster
Year 2000
Varient S 3.2 Manual

All 20 cars will be proudly on display at the NEC Classic Car Show with experts on hand to talk around each vehicle and the work undertaken including Stephen Brown, our Classic Manager at Porsche Centre Swindon and Porsche Classic Life.

To find out more, or to register your interest in acquiring one of these exceptional and unique Classic Porsche models, please contact Stephen ahead of the event at the NEC by calling 07773 948 516 or via email at [email protected]

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