8 news stories you may have missed about the Porsche Taycan

Posted 15th January 2021

Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan has been busy. The first all-electric Porsche has hit the ground running and already achieved some pretty impressive feats!

So much so, that it might have been hard to keep up with everything related to the Taycan that has been in the news recently. In case you missed any of these notable achievements, we have put together a recap for you.

1. Out of this world

July 2021 will mark 50 years since the first Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) drove on the moon. The three metre long LRV was powered by four 0.25hp electric motors which independently drove the wheels and was controlled by a joystick. This was radical technology in the 70’s and it is still regarded as one of the most innovative vehicles in human history.

One of the few people to have experienced the LRV is General Charlie Duke, who was recently invited to drive the Porsche Taycan as he had never driven an electric car on Earth!

So what did the astronaut think of his first all-electric drive on Earth? Duke said:

Down here on Earth I had never driven a car that was all-electric. But I think I have the same mental outlook for a new car as I have for an airplane. First I have to sit there and take it all in. The visibility and layout of the cockpit, throttle and controls. It’s an amazing car, and the technology in the Taycan is an order of magnitude over our rover.

General Charlie Duke with the TaycanGeneral Charlie Duke with the Taycan

The Taycan setting new lap times in AmericaThe Taycan setting new lap times in America

2. Making tracks in America

At the end of 2020, the Taycan Turbo S set a record for the fastest EV production car to go around Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta race track. The electric Porsche took on the 2.54-mile race track and completed it in 1:33.88 minutes, showing the passion for performance isn’t just for petrol Porsche models.

Leh Keen, the professional driver who accepted the challenge spoke to the complex nature of the track, but it wasn’t a problem for the power and precision of the Taycan.

This track is unforgiving, meaning you have to trust the car completely. The electric motors respond so quickly, the power is right there when I need it, and combined with the active differentials, makes the Taycan a game changer when it comes to handling.

3. And the winner is... 

Since its launch, the Taycan has won around 40 international awards. These accolades include Game Changer of the Year: Top Gear magazine, Best Performance Car of the Year: Auto Express magazine and Electric Performance Car: Electric Car Awards 2020. At the 2020 World Car of the Year Awards, the Taycan was crowned the winner in two categories; World Luxury Car and World Performance Car of the Year.

The Taycan has already won around 40 awardsThe Taycan has already won around 40 awards

The most innovative car in the worldThe most innovative car in the world

4. Porsche innovation at its finest

The Scientists that write the AutomotiveINNOVATIONS Report that is published by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) have declared the Taycan the most innovative car in the world. The electric Porsche has 27 new developments, 13 of which are world first innovations. Its 800-volt architecture, two-speed transmission on the rear axle and high recuperative power of up to 265 kW, are just some of the examples that make the Porsche Taycan the most important innovation driver in the global automotive market.

5. Adrift in a sea of accolades

Winning awards and setting lap times hasn’t been enough for the Taycan, it has also set a Guinness World Record™! Dennis Retera, a Porsche instructor, set the record at the Porsche Experience Centre (PEC) Hockenheimring.

The longest drift with an electric vehicle record consisted of 210 laps on the 200 metre-long drift circle for 42.171 kilometres which took an incredible 55 minutes. The record was set in the rear-wheel drive version of the Taycan, which is on sale in China.

The Taycan drifts into the Guinness Book of World Records™The Taycan drifts into the Guinness Book of World Records™

The all singing, all dancing interior of the TaycanThe all singing, all dancing interior of the Taycan

7. A splash of colour

In 2021, you can style your Taycan in no less than seven new colours. Out of the new line up, there should be something for everyone from your new choices of Mahogany Metallic, Frozenberry Metallic, Cherry Metallic, Coffee Beige Metallic, Chalk, Neptune Blue and Ice Grey Metallic.

These options are available for the Taycan 4S, Turbo and Turbo S. One of the most noteworthy is definitely Frozenberry Metallic which has a pink hue to it and will probably be one of the more rarely chosen colours, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

The Taycan in Frozenberry MetallicThe Taycan in Frozenberry Metallic

The Burj Khalifa Porsche light displayThe Burj Khalifa Porsche light display

8. Let there be light

In October 2020, to mark the rollout of the Taycan in Middle East & Africa, a special light show was portrayed on the side of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The animations showcased key milestones from Porsche history from the Lohner-Porsche to the Taycan on the largest single display surface in the world, with a total area of 33,000 square metres! The 828 metre tall building was the perfect setting to celebrate the arrival of the first fully electric Porsche.

We hope you have enjoyed catching up with the latest news about the Taycan. We are excited to see what 2021 will hold for this innovative, record-breaking and award-winning Porsche.

If you think 2021 will be the year you go electric, why not explore the range and contact your local Porsche Centre for more information about the electrifying Porsche Taycan.

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