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Porsche GT3 20th Anniversary - A Legend Of Our Lifetime

Celebrating 20 years of the Porsche 911 GT32 (1)

The fourth in our series celebrating the 20th birthday of the Porsche 911 GT3 and its incredible heritage brings us to the GT3 we know today.

The fifth generation 911 GT3 was introduced on Porsche's 50th anniversary in 2013, with a totally new engine, transmission, body and chassis. This new car completed the Nürburgring Nordschleife in just 7:25 minutes —more than 30 seconds faster than Walter Röhrl's record lap in 1999.

The very latest 911 GT3 met the public in 2017. Its enhanced six-cylinder boxer engine increased displacement to 4.0 litres and power output to 368 kW (500 PS).

Andy Perry, a customer of our Dick Lovett Porsche Centre in Bristol, tells us about his experiences with this modern-day motoring legend.

Andy Perry gt34

What do you love most about your GT3?

It's the total drama of the car. The big wing stuck over the rear deck lid. The front splitter riding an inch off the road. The roll cage scaffolding in the rear view mirror. The howling flat 6 engine mated to a precisely slotted 6-speed manual. All these elements in unison make you feel alive and part of the car.  The GT3 has to be one of the most raw and rewarding driving experiences on the road today.

What made you choose the GT3?

I think the GT3 is an analogue car in an otherwise digital world. In the GT3 the driver makes most of the decisions. You're in control of the engine, the gearbox, the clutch, and all the basic actions that make driving a rewarding experience. In most modern-day cars these decisions are monitored and controlled by the car, which to purists takes away all the pleasure. Most modern cars tend to drive you around. In the GT3 you drive the car around.

Have you ever taken your GT3 on a track day?

Not mine – probably for fear of putting it in a hedge backwards. However, I have attended the Porsche driving days at Silverstone and had the chance to exercise the GT4 and GT3 on the track whilst being coached by the excellent Porsche instructors. These track sessions let you truly appreciate how the GT cars defy physics in the corners.

What Porsches did you own before becoming a GT3 owner?

My first Porsche arrived in 2013 – a Rhodium silver Cayman S. In 2015 I swapped it for the sublime GT4, which I later replaced with the GT3. I still have a big soft spot for the 981 cars today, along with lots of the older Porsches; the 930 turbo being top of the list.

Andy Perry GT31

Where is the best place you have ever taken your GT3?

I would say my Dad's house. Not because it has a panoramic jaw-dropping view of the Welsh valleys, because it doesn’t. Growing up with two older brothers meant car fascination and obsession was high in our house from the start. We would talk for hours with Dad about all the poster cars of the time: the Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins.

And of course the Porsches. We knew all the statistics: the 0-60 sprints, how many turbos and of course what speed the car could achieve given a long enough stretch of road. Even today we have the same conversation, and over 30 years later it ends in exactly the same way it did back then, with my Dad saying “They are all nice, but they aren’t a 911.” So for me to bring a GT3 to my parents' house was a special moment for everyone. The car in the poster had become the car on the drive. The dream had become a reality.

What are your future plans for your GT3?

I would like to do a road trip to France. Le Mans is on my bucket list. I'm not sure how much camping equipment will fit into the GT3, so I guess it may be a case of finding some quaint auberges as we go along. I could think of worse problems to have.

Which three words would you use to describe the GT3?

Intoxicating, involving, rewarding.

Has anything about the GT3 surprised you?

Probably the amount of positive attention it gets. Random people come up to me and ask me about the car, and I often see people taking photos of it. My brother invested heavily in a red Italian exotic, and sadly twice in the last couple of months he has been gestured at by other motorists waving one or two digits in the air, purely because of the car he's chosen. This is a sad reflection on some people’s perception of cars and their owners.

However, my experience has been somewhat better. Last week a black Mercedes pulled alongside me at the traffic lights and the windows rolled down. The four occupants took the opportunity to congratulate me on my choice of car and hurled compliments at me until the lights changed.

Andy Perry gt33

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