Embark on a unique opportunity with the Porsche Destination Charging Partner programme.

Posted 19th March 2024

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We are extending an invitation to businesses eager to embrace the future of electric mobility. This exclusive programme presents a compelling offer to become a part of a global charging network. Offer your customers, clients, or guests a convenient charging opportunity for fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles whilst they spend time at your exclusive destination.

Partner Benefits

We make your start as a new exclusive Porsche Charging Partner quick and easy – by providing you with the charging hardware free of cost. The centrepiece of the hardware is the Porsche Destination Charging Wallbox, prepared either for wall-mounting or if preferred, along with a pedestal for free-standing installation.

Elms Hotel
You will effortlessly receive reimbursement for charging costs from customers of other vehicle manufacturers who conveniently activate the charging station via a QR code or FRID card. The Porsche Destination Charging Wallbox, designed for precise kilowatt-hour-based billing, enables this seamless process.

 Additional benefits:

  • Boost your appeal and value as a premium destination within the electric vehicle community.
  • Reach more and new customer groups by emphasising your support for a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Invite your customers to arrive earlier and stay longer, since there is less need to charge on the road.
  • Receive reimbursement based on the amount of kWh for charging costs incurred by customers of other vehicle manufacturers in a simple and accurate manner.
  • Hold Porsche community events or events with Porsche participation at your destination – with our support.
  • Increase your visibility by getting featured as an official partner in our navigation systems, the My Porsche app and external platforms such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Porsche Destination Charging

Customer Benefits

We will provide you with branding material such as the Porsche Destination Charging Partner sign, parking sign, direction signs, and an optional digital logo, e.g. for your website homepage or to feature on your social media channels.

Homewood Bath
Our global network of experienced partner electricians stands ready to assist you with the installation if the need arises. As the reliable partner by your side, we support you with our know-how, our connections, and our name for new marketing opportunities. Ranging from basics like the visibility of your destination in our customer frontends to individual highlights like mutually hosted events and more.

Additional benefits:

  • Our charging stations are simple to operate and user friendly with access and billing work via QR code and RFID card.
  • Drivers of other vehicle brands have the ease of charging whilst enjoying your venue with the chargers not being restricted to Porsche cars.
  • As a special service for Porsche drivers, they can charge at no cost.

Whatley Manor Taycan

Are you ready to start your journey?

Your contribution:

  • 2 sufficient parking spaces (minimum 2.6m wide) with high visibility.
  • Cost coverage for installation and maintenance.
  • Free usage for Porsche all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch today.

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We are currently partnered with: 

The Elms, Gileston Manor, Homewood House, Berwick Lodge, Whatley Manor

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