An interview with our Classic Boxster Cup driver: Scot Adams

Posted 17th February 2020

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For the second year in a row, Scot Adams will be the driver of the classic 986 Boxster with Fletcher Aviation livery for Porsche Centre Cardiff. Throughout the competition the team will be required to source Genuine Porsche Parts, prepare the classic 986 Boxster S for races and support Scot as he drives the seven rounds of the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup.

Scot is a Gold Accredited Technician in our workshop, but once again will be swapping his overalls for a race suit as he enters his second year of Boxster racing. Scot has worked at Dick Lovett for over 12 years, and is thrilled to represent his team on the track. So with an exciting year ahead, we have caught up with Scot to see how he is feeling about the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup.

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1. How do you feel being the driver of the 55 Fletcher Aviation Boxster for the second year running?

Very privileged and exited to get the opportunity of racing for the whole team at Porsche Cardiff and Dick Lovett, ready to get going and enjoy the fantastic experiences again.

2. What are you most looking forward about the Porsche Boxster Cup 2020?

Just over the moon to be back in the championship with the whole team to be honest, I try to enjoy the whole weekend if I can. It’s also an opportunity to try and improve this season.

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3. What challenges will you and your team face this year?​

Travelling is always challenging to the furthest circuits. When we get to the races, getting the car set up is always key to having a good race. This is something we are still learning and trying to master. A good feeling / feedback from the car is crucial to know where your limits lie.

4. Which circuit are you most looking forward to visiting?

Personally I enjoy them all but for some reason I struggled around Brands Hatch Indy circuit, so I will have an extra focus on improving at that track. Donnington Park, Brands Hatch GP and Snetterton are all amazing circuits. I am sure Silverstone will be fantastic but will bring its own set of challenges as I have not race here previously. 

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5. How will the Porsche Boxster Cup be different to Restoracing?

​The Porsche Boxster Cup has 7 rounds, so 2 more than last season. There are also 5 rounds with the Class 1 and 2 Porsches on the same grid. This is always challenging as there is a mix of abilities. There are also some new teams / drivers entered in our Boxster class, so there will be new competition to weigh up.

6. Are there any changes to the car this year?

None as far as I am aware. There will be some checks and maintenance required before we can get stuck in to the season. There is also a possibility of wet tyres but we are waiting to hear more on this.

7. How will you be preparing for the races?

Personally I will be getting my fitness to where it needs to be. I will also try to stay calm and relaxed at the races but that's always aided by the fantastic team we have around us on race day. Finally, I will be helping out preparing the car with the team in the workshop.

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The first round of racing takes place at Donington Park on Sunday 5 April. You can purchase tickets on their website if you would like to join us for a fantastic day out of racing.


To keep up to date with all the latest news and action from the track, visit our Porsche Classic Boxster Hub.

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