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Upgrade Your Porsche This Black Friday - 2019

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This Black Friday, we have put everything you need from Porsche in one place; including items from our Tequipment range, Porsche Driver’s Selection and, most importantly our Porsches.

The Black Edition from Porsche Tequipment

Black Edition from Porsche Tequipment

Black Edition from Porsche Tequipment 2

If you have been thinking of how to upgrade your 718 or Macan, then the Black Edition accessories from Porsche Tequipment could be the answer you have been looking for. The upgrades to your Porsche will make it stand out from the crowd and will satisfy your desire for something new without buying a different Porsche.

The options include upgraded wheels in black, darkened tail lights and black sports tailpipes. All guaranteed to make a notable difference to the look of your current Porsche.

The Black Edition Porsche accessories would suit any colour Porsche, so what are you waiting for?

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Porsche Driver’s Selection in Black

Black never goes out of fashion and it can certainly make a statement, which is what the Porsche Driver’s Selection aims to achieve with a wide range of clothing and accessories.

Women's Hugo Boss Motorsport polo shirt

A new collaboration with Porsche and Hugo Boss has produced a fantastic clothing line.

We particularly like the look of the Women’s polo shirt in black. On sale now for £64.00 from our Parts Teams.​

Womens Hugo Boss Polo Shirt

Classic Weekender

Classic Weekender (1)

This weekend bag has a modern design but subtle references to classic Porsche style such as the leather badge featuring the historic Porsche logo and buttons resembling traditional Porsche alloys.

Yours to take away for long weekends for £475.00.

Sport Chrono 911 Watch

This chronograph is inspired by the new 992 911. A striking feature of this watch is the metal dial with the Porsche Crest at 12 o’clock.

For £600.00, you can keep your 911 with you all day.

Sport Chrono 911 Watch (1)

Thermos Cup

Thermos Cup (1)

Perfect for the weather getting colder and heading towards Christmas when you are thinking of gifts.

This thermal beaker in black with the Porsche Crest on the body and an embossed Porsche logo on the lid. Decide whether to keep your tea, coffee, hot chocolate or mulled wine warm for £35.00.

Soundbar – Black Edition

For the big spenders this Black Friday, we have the Black Edition of the 911 Soundbar.

This is limited to 911 units and is on sale for £3,000.00.

Soundbar – Black Edition (1)

Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet (1)

Once you have decided on how to spend your money on Black Friday, keep your credit cards safe with this high-quality leather wallet with embossed Porsche Crest.

With space to keep your coins and notes separate in the compartments, as well as a variety of slots for £85.00.

Black Porsches in stock

Make a statement this Black Friday by choosing a Porsche that is right for you. We have highlighted a selection of fantastic black Porsches that are in stock at Dick Lovett right now.

For more information, please contact your local Porsche Centre:

Porsche Centre Bristol -
01173 216 780

Porsche Centre Cardiff - 
02920 606 512

Porsche Centre Swindon - 
01793 398 525

Porsche Centre Tewkesbury - 
01684 880 104

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