Is now a good time to go electric with Porsche?

Posted 23rd July 2021

All Electric Porsche

Have you been considering whether an EV is right for you? Maybe you are thinking about whether it is the right time to trade in your Petrol or Diesel Porsche and go electric? We have put together some handy information that may help you make up your mind about the electric Porsche range.

Get a great price for your current Porsche

The car market is buoyant at the moment which is down to a few different reasons. The most important one is that, now more than ever, people are treating themselves to their dream car! The built up demand from dealerships having to close their doors last year, and that more people have opted to use cars over public transport, means there are fewer cars available, which has had an increase on the prices of the ones available.

So now could be a great time to sell your Porsche for a great price, but what would you go for next? When you are considering your next car, are you thinking about going electric?

The Taycan range is growing

There are now two Taycan models with a variety of specifications and performance options available. The newest edition is the Taycan Cross Turismo. The Cross Turismo offers all the style and performance of the Taycan, but with even more room for your lifestyle.

Taycan’s are breaking records and impressing people

Since its launch, the Taycan has won around 40 international awards. These accolades include Game Changer of the Year: Top Gear magazine, Best Performance Car of the Year: Auto Express magazine and Electric Performance Car: Electric Car Awards 2020.

At the 2020 World Car of the Year Awards, the Taycan was crowned the winner in two categories; World Luxury Car and World Performance Car of the Year.

Alongside these awards, the Taycan has also set a Guinness World Record™ for the longest drift with an electric vehicle.

All Electric Porshe Taycan1

All Electric Porshe Taycan2

A need for speed

Are you looking for something to give you a new thrill? Well, the Taycan Turbo S goes from 0-62 in 2.8 seconds. The interesting thing to know about the 0-62 speed, is that the Taycan will consistently hit 2.8 seconds every time, even in quick succession. And with a top speed of 162 mph, the Taycan Turbo S should be plenty fast enough for you!

Squash your Range Anxiety

Maybe one of the first questions you have about switching to electric power is how many miles you will be able to get out of your Porsche? The base model, two-wheel drive, Taycan has the longest estimated range out of the Taycan model line with an estimated combined range of 220 - 268 miles. When fitted with a Performance Battery Plus, this estimate goes up to between 253 - 301 miles. When you’re looking at a Cross Turismo, which comes with the Performance Battery Plus as standard, you would get 242 - 283 miles. How many journeys are you making when you actually drive over 250 miles in one go?

Porsche Taycan Range

So if we take a look at the average commute, in a 2019 survey of 2,000 full-time UK workers by Moneybarn, they found that the average commute in the UK is 23 miles , while only 14% of commuters travel over 42 miles a day. These numbers are easily manageable for an all-electric Porsche. With less people commuting to the office now, we would be interested to see whether this has reduced these numbers. Many people now will be working from the office in their living room, zero miles away from home, and therefore reducing their daily mileage greatly.

Find a Destination to recharge

Porsche is developing a network of Porsche partners with electric chargers on site so that you can not only stay and visit these luxury locations, but you can also charge your car. Our partners include Whatley Manor, Berwick Lodge and Homewood House.

So when you are planning your UK staycation this year, you don’t need to worry about finding luxury places to recharge both your batteries and your Porsche’s! And while the Porsche network is growing, you can also visit any of the other 15,795 charging locations in the UK according to Zap Map.

Electrify your two car garage

If you are a two car family and are considering changing one of your combustion engine cars to an electric one, the Taycan is the perfect proposition as it combines the luxury and performance that you would expect from Porsche with green credentials.

Porsche Taycan Garage

Maybe now the perfect two car garage is an EV for everyday commutes and one combustion engine for longer trips. The key thing to bear in mind is that both would deliver a thrilling drive if they were from the Porsche brand.

So if you are thinking about selling your Porsche or adding an electric Porsche to your garage, get in touch with your local Porsche Centre.

For more information, please contact your local Porsche Centre:

Porsche Centre Bristol -
01173 216 780

Porsche Centre Newport - 
02920 606 512

Porsche Centre Swindon - 
01793 398 525

Porsche Centre Tewkesbury - 
01684 880 104

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