How to keep your Porsche in top condition at home

Posted 30th March 2020

Porsche Interior

If you aren’t able to take your Porsche out and about as much as you would like to, you might be worried that it will end up not looking and feeling its best when the time comes to take it for that long overdue road trip. Here are a few things you can do from home to ensure your Porsche is kept in great working order.

1. Decide where you are going to keep your Porsche.

If you aren’t using your Porsche every day, then where is the best place for it to sit? Indoors or outdoors? If you have a garage but it is looking a bit overcrowded, then this is the perfect time to have a spring clean and make room for your pride and joy! Ensure you check the floor for any items that could puncture the tyres on your car and remove anything that could snag the paint work. If you are planning to keep your Porsche outside, then try to use a car cover where possible.

Porsche Garage

2. Thoroughly clean your Porsche inside and out.

When the sun is shining, there is no better time to make your Porsche spotless with a deep clean. Remember to start at the top and work your way down, using the two bucket method where possible and regularly rinse your wash mitt! Once your Porsche is gleaming, remember to keep it clean and watch out for any tree sap or bird poo which makes its way onto the paint work and clean this off as soon as possible to avoid any damage. Don’t stop with the car just looking clean - take this as a chance to reorganise the glovebox, check the compartments behind the driver’s seat and remove anything from the boot space that doesn’t need to be there!

Porsche Interior (1)

3. Trickle charge your Porsche.

After about 5 days of your Porsche being static, the electrical system will shut down to protect itself. If you want to keep your car in the best working order, then use a trickle charger to keep the battery topped up. It might sound obvious, but remember to lock your Porsche when you aren't planning to drive it. This will allow for all of the control units to turn off and the alarm to activate. After about 5 days the car will then shutdown and only have a small load on the battery.

 4. Start your engine.

If you don’t have a trickle charger, and are concerned that your battery will go flat, then start your car up to running temperature every now and again. This will also get the oil circulating through the engine. If you are planning to start your car from time to time, leave it running until it reaches the operating temperature of 90c which will take approximately 10 minutes. If you are making a journey, for example to the shops for essentials, then taking your Porsche for a short drive will also help to dry out the brakes to avoid corrosion which may occur if your Porsche was put away in the garage when wet.

Porsche Wheel Clean

 5. Visually inspect your Porsche.

Remember, to keep your Porsche at its best, you should regularly check the lights, levels and tyres to make sure they are in good condition. If there are things you aren’t able to do from home, then make a list to remind yourself of the items which need topping up or replacing, ready for when you can take your pride and joy out on the open road again.

Porsche Parked

We hope these tips are useful. If you have further questions about caring for your Porsche, you can contact your preferred Centre by email and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.  

For more information, please contact your local Porsche Centre:

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