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Get Connected With Your Porsche

Porsche Connect 3

Using Porsche Connect is like having two co-pilots while you are driving. One in your smartphone and one in your car. Before you have even left the house, Porsche Connect can help you have a nicer journey. With abilities such as checking traffic, finding points of interest, checking your oil levels and tyre pressures from your smartphone and even unlocking your Porsche.

Before you set off

Porsche Connect keeps you in the moment. When you are driving your new or used Porsche, all you want to do is focus on the road; but sometimes you need to stay connected and Porsche Connect can help with that. Incredible features help before, during and after your journey that are both entertaining and useful.

During your journey

To make your journey more enjoyable, you can use Apple CarPlay™ or Radio Plus to keep you entertained, and features such as Risk Radar and Real Time Traffic Information help to keep you safe. Navigation Plus can also make your journey run more smoothly and even has a panoramic view.

When you have arrived

With Porsche Connect, when you leave your Porsche, you aren’t really leaving your Porsche. The navigation will transfer to your smartphone to take you to the door of your destination and you can even lock your car from your phone. Keeping an eye on your Porsche has also never been easier with the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System. If you have had an accident or broken down, Porsche Connect can make the emergency calls.

Porsche Connect

New features with the Porsche Taycan

With the new all-electric Porsche Taycan, you might want to make sure you know where your next charging stop will be before you set off. The Charging Planner will allow for you to be one step ahead. It will calculate the fastest route and any charging stops you will need.

Classic communication manager 1

Classic communication manager 2

Classic communication manager 3

Connect your Classic

With the new Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) system, you don’t have to feel less connected just because you are a Classic Porsche owner. The PCCM system comes with DAB+ and Apple CarPlay to bring your Classic into the present.

The Porsche Classic team have developed two sizes of the PCCM to ensure your classic is covered. One version for the older classics with a smaller radio slot has a 3.5-inch display, and the second is for 996 and 986 models and has a larger 7-inch display.

The style of the PCCM fits in with the classic interior of your Porsche to ensure you don't have to compromise on the iconic feeling of owning a classic Porsche, and can stay 100% connected while you are on your journey.

Get connected

With Porsche Connect you aren’t just more closely connected to the world, you are more closely connected to your Porsche. Which will bring you more enjoyment, practicality and driving pleasure. To get connected, you can download the Porsche Connect app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Please contact us for more information about the Porsche Connect System for your Porsche.

Enquire now

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