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Posted 9th August 2021

Porsche Cayanne and Porsche 718 Boxster (1)

We are continuing our exploration of what makes the ultimate Porsche two car garage. We already looked into whether it could be the impressive duo of a 718 Cayman and a Macan, but maybe the Macan doesn’t have quite enough room for you, or the Cayman isn’t summery enough… So this time we are taking a look at the 718 Boxster and Cayenne.

The 718 Boxster is said to take the “everyday” out of every day. You could use this car as your daily driver and enjoy every mile with it, but when it comes to transporting more than just you and your passenger with a few luggage bags, you might need to pair it up with something bigger for the ultimate garage. Queue the Cayenne.

The Cayenne is versatile and practical, as well as capable of packing a punch with the impressive power it delivers. With ample room, a sporty design and incredible performance, having this as your second car would not disappoint, but let’s take a look at this duo in more detail.

Porsche 718 Boxster

Porsche Cayenne

A new 718 Boxster starts from £47,090 placing it at the lower end of the Porsche price range. When you are thinking of your dream line-up, you might think of a Porsche 911, but for those on a tighter budget, a Boxster might be the perfect sports car.

The smaller price tag won’t mean less enjoyment. The sporty Boxster will deliver top-down fun all summer, and handles fantastically when you are taking long winding trips down country roads. You can choose the colour and specification of your Boxster when you use the online configurator, or you can check out what we currently have in stock from our Porsche Approved Pre-Owned selection.

Porsche 718 Boxster For Sale (1)

The 718 Boxster can reach 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 170mph, and while the Cayenne isn’t as quick, it certainly isn’t slow! It can top 152mph and get up to 62 mph in 6.2 seconds. The Cayenne is a sports car for your whole family, with every day usability as well as impressive performance.

When thinking about a Cayenne, you might even think of combining sustainability with the driving dynamics and speed. The Cayenne E-Hybrid could be the best option if you are doing a mix of long journeys and short trips which could be done on electric-only power. With a hybrid, you can combine technology developed on the race-track, impressive fuel efficiency, and space for the whole family. You could be the proud owner of a new Cayenne from £60,930.

Porsche Cayenne

This two car garage allows for a mix of exciting weekend getaways for two, balanced with a comfortable daily commute. This combination of a sporty and dynamic roadster coupled with a powerful and practical SUV could very well be a winner when we are looking at the ultimate two car garage!

If you would like more help finding your next two car Porsche garage, please get in touch with one of our Sales Team at your local Porsche Centre. Whether you need help choosing from our Porsche Approved Pre-Owned range, deciding on the options for your new car, or even if you need a valuation for your current Porsche, our team will be happy to assist you.

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