Porsche roll out the 911 GT3 racecar in Paris | Dick Lovett Porsche

Porsche roll out the 911 GT3 racecar in Paris

With the new 911 GT3 Cup, the Porsche motorsport department has developed the next generation of the production-style GT racing car for the global brand cups. The 1200-kilogram one-seater is powered by a four-litre flat engine delivering 357 kW (485 hp) and variable inlet and outlet camshaft control. The new aerodynamics at the front and rear ensure even greater traction and faster lap times.

Some 3031 units of the 911 GT3 Cup have been built in the 996, 997 and 991 model lines since 1998. This makes the brand cup racing car from Stuttgart the most-produced and most-sold GT racing car in the world.

Tuned in Porsche's motorsports compound in Weissach, Germany, the new GT3 Cup car will run in the Porsche Mobile 1 Cup (a Formula One support series) a German Cup series, and in North American competition in 2017. Porsche will expand the racecar's availability to more series in 2018.