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Dick Lovett

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Top 50 Names Of Cars

Top 50 Names Of Cars

Is yours Bertie or Bessie? We all have a secret name for our beloved 4 wheels! After all, we spend a lot of time with them so they at least deserve a name - don’t they?

We take a look at the top 50 names for cars – has yours made the list?

1. Bertie2. Bessie
3. Bernice4. Betsy
5. Sally6. The Beast
7. Stella8. Black Beauty
9. Betty10. Road Runner
11. Rapunzel12. Sheila
13. Cherry Bomb14. Vixen
15. Evie16. Fiona
17. Queen Bee18. Pearl
19. Princess20. Green Machine
21. Vroom22. Sassy
23. LoveBug24. Bettle Juice
25. Bubbles26. Kisses
27. Flower power28. Fred
29. Juicy30. Jellybean
31. Man Eater32. Madamoiselle
33. Lizzie34. Barbie
35. Old Gal36. Blue Boy
37. Bert38. Little Beaut
39. Penny40. Babe
41. Old Smoker42. Herbie
43. Batmobile44. Katie
45. Angus46. Bruce
47. Ole Smoker48. Diamond
49. Moby50. Molly

Wow – there’s a lot of names there. Be sure to share your car name with us!

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