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The Incredible Type 2 Camper Van

The Incredible Type 2 Camper Van

The Bus/Camper/Splittie/Splitscreen/kombi/transporter was officially called the Type 2 T1. The Type 2 T2 (bay window) followed in 1968.

Our ‘bus’ was built in the Hanover factory on March 25th 1965. All Type 2’s were built in Hanover from 1955. It started life as a LHD panel van with right hand loading doors painted in Pearl White ‘L87’ and shipped from Germany to Los Angeles from new. It was a fairly basic vehicle with US compliance parts fitted (sealed beam headlights, mph clocks, laminated windscreen etc). At some stage in the USA it has been converted to either an EZ-Camper or Sundial Camper. I would suggest this was from new, if not VERY close to. EZ and Sundial used the same exterior hardware (windows and rain drip rails) only the interior differed slightly. These conversions are effectively the American version of the Westfalia we had in Europe.

The bus arrived in the UK from California as requiring a restoration. The work was all carried out in the UK and has a stunning camper interior fitted with exceptionally high end materials. The engine is based on a 1974 US 1600cc unit but now has larger barrels and pistons and a larger crank shaft, so is now a 2332cc engine with twin carburetors. I love this engine! Buses of this age have a fully synchro’d 4 speed gearbox.

Not only has the interior had a ‘modern update’ but so has the suspension. The front now has a double wishbone with coil over set up from ‘Red9 Design’, this replaces the torsion beam original unit. Red9’s are not cheap. The rear has also been converted to double wishbone Red9, replacing the swing axle reduction gearbox set up. The suspension on this bus alone cost almost as much as my whole bus! The ride height can be adjusted fairly extensively. It also has a disc brake conversion front and rear.

The interior has a ‘rock and roll’ bed fitted which will sleep two. There is a 240V hook up and three pin plug sockets fitted. It is definitely worth getting in the back of this vehicle to take in the materials used and quality of the fit out, this is no Hippy bus!!

Performance is good, very good really. It will keep up with modern day traffic and is pretty positive with regards steering and tracking. This is a world away from a standard bus, believe me. I have one of these and struggle to keep up with speed limited 40 ton trucks while wandering in my lane! This one will easily sit at 75mph.

This impressive Camper is now moving on and we are lucky to have it for sale at Dick Lovett Specialist Cars - we'd all love one, so lets get this camper to its new home.

This article was kindly written by Richard Tweedle, Sales Executive at Dick Lovett Specialist Cars and proud VW Camper Van Owner & enthusiast.

The Incredible Type 2 Camper Van
The Incredible Type 2 Camper Van
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