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Test your car knowledge with this tricky car lights test

Posted 8th October 2019

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Are you a car lover? No doubt you can recite specs like the back of your hand and feel pretty confident about identifying makes and models, even from the smallest of clues.

From torque to top speeds, horsepower to handling, auto enthusiasts will usually be able to name a motor. However, our team may have the ultimate test to stump even the biggest motor-fanatic...

Our newly launched quiz challenges you to identify the make and model of 10 cars just from the lights.

You will need to figure out what the motor is, simply by a flash of the headlights and brake lights. And if that's not tricky enough, you’re competing against the clock, with a mere 15 seconds to make your guess.

Don't worry too much though, because we’ve provided you with three options to choose from to make it a little easier.

The ultimate car quiz

Up for the challenge? Think you could spot Lamborghini lights from a Maserati’s? A MINIs brake lights from a VW Beetle’s? Simply click below to get started and don't forget to enter the leaderboard to see just how your knowledge stacks up against other contestants.

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