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Sustainability - The latest Dick Lovett update

Posted 8th August 2023

Sustainability - The latest Dick Lovett update

With the valuable addition of our dedicated Sustainability Team in 2022, the business is now in a fantastic position to continue this important mission.

As we’re now into the third quarter of 2023, now is a great time to update you on our facility upgrades that have taken place to improve our efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.

Electric Charging Points Across the Business

All Dick Lovett Centres have boosted electric vehicle infrastructure by integrating new charging points on site. This not only supports our growing fleet of electric models, but also supports our customers who can charge their vehicle once they arrive.

Our aim is to meet our manufacturer targets ahead of time by increasing charging points across all brands imminently. Much of this work is already taking place and will continue to progress throughout the coming months and years.

Electric Chargers
A variety of charger types including rapid chargers will be put in place to improve charging capacity across the business. All of our Centres now have electric vehicle charging capabilities.

BMW Bristol

BMW Bristol is having extensive upgrades to LED lighting within the main dealership showroom and in the external paddock area. In addition to this, motion sensors have been implemented within low-use areas to combat energy wastage.

MINI Bristol

The dealership has incorporated LEDs into the main showroom and office areas, as well as the installation of motion sensors and implementation of a lighting timer. This has helped to reduce unnecessary use of lighting in certain inactive areas, such as on a Sunday when the dealership is closed - consumption has been reduced by approximately 41% on this day of the week alone.

MINI LED Lighting

Ferrari Swindon

Both upper and lower showrooms have been upgraded to a new energy efficient lighting system. The lower showroom LED upgrade alone is estimated to ensure a 1,398 KgCO2e saving per annum (assuming the lights are being used 10 hours a day and 365 days a year).

Ferrari Swindon

The Depot Swindon

With adjustments to the HVAC system, we altered the nightly set back to create a saving of 4320.3 kWh/835.45 KgCO2e per month.


The Sustainability Team is doing a fantastic job by not only bringing positive change but also educating our staff on sustainable business practices. We look forward to reporting back to you in the near future on our latest efforts to improve sustainability across Dick Lovett.

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