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Dick Lovett supports Avon Fire & Rescue Service with electric vehicle training

Posted 18th November 2021

Avon Fire And Rescue Service

As electric vehicle ownership grows, it is important to understand how this ever-evolving technology operates. At Dick Lovett, our technicians are trained to the highest possible standards by our manufacturers to ensure electric vehicle maintenance can be done safely and efficiently.

Outside of the automotive world, there are several other organisations that may have to interact with electric vehicles; one of which is the Fire & Rescue Services. Should the worst happen when out on the road, the brave Fire & Rescue teams are paramount to keeping you safe following an incident.

With the latest collision prevention systems, safety cells, and often low centre of gravity, electric vehicles are some of the safest vehicles available should you be involved in an accident. But due to the high levels of complex electric components in the cars, it’s important that Fire & Rescue teams understand electric vehicles and how the technology works.

Our Dick Lovett team recently visited Avon Fire & Rescue Service with a few of the latest BMW and MINI electric vehicles, so the team could find out more about how to deal with these cars following an incident.

Fire Image 1

Fire Image 3

Our BMW Master Technician Martyn and Workshop Manager Ron were on hand to answer any questions the team had around how the elements of an electric car are affected in the event of an accident. Batteries, electric motors and carbon shells all behave differently to a ‘regular vehicle’ in a collision, and the Fire & Rescue teams were able to find out more about how to deal with these areas in the safest possible way.

Working for such a fantastic brand as BMW it was a pleasure supporting the Fire Service with some hands-on training.

Ron Hardiman​ - Workshop Controller

A great opportunity to work with the Avon Fire & Rescue Service to give them a chance to see these vehicles up close. Great to highlight safety features such as fireman's safety cut. Many of the team seemed aware of it, but great to be able to show them on a physical car.

Martyn Waters - BMW Master Technician

Fire Image 2

Fire Image 4

We’re looking forward to inviting the team from Avon Fire & Rescue Service back to Dick Lovett Bristol in the New Year so the team can further develop their understanding of the vehicles by spending time in the workshops with our technicians.

If you’d like to know more electric vehicle safety, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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