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How to service and maintain your electric car

Posted 17th February 2023

Do electric cars need servicing? It’s a question that’s frequently asked and the answer is yes – just like cars with an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine), an electric car requires servicing and maintenance to ensure it’s safe, and operating at its best.

However, electric car servicing can be less complex than a petrol or diesel car, which means there are potentially lower costs for the owner of the vehicle – one of the many benefits of driving an electric car.

So, what type of maintenance and servicing does an electric car need? Let’s explain more, with the help of Dick Lovett’s Group Electric Vehicle Specialist, Scott Martin.

Scott Martin, Electric Specialist

Servicing electric cars

While electric cars do require servicing, there isn’t as much to do compared to traditional cars that use petrol or diesel fuel. Why? Well, it’s because there are fewer moving parts, so fewer parts that need maintenance, and fewer parts that can go wrong.

“With an electric car, costs are lower than a combustion car because of the lack of fluids, air filters and spark plugs,” says Scott. “However, they do need some servicing.”

The parts of an electric car that need servicing include parts that need maintenance on all types of car, such as the tyres and brakes. Tyres on an electric car are subject to wear and tear, and damage, just as they are on a petrol or diesel vehicle.

The same applies to brake pads and discs, which are gradually worn down over time due to continued use – although because EVs use regenerative braking, less strain is placed on pads and discs, and so they can last longer subject to driving style.

How to service and maintain your electric car 2Electric Car Servicing

Steering and suspension will also be checked during a service, and the health of the battery and electric motor will be monitored. Other checks cover microfilters, air conditioning and brake fluid.

“Manufacturers recommendations may vary but most cars have microfilters to filter the air entering the cabin which need to be changed periodically,” says Scott. “Every two years seems to be the norm. You can also have an air conditioning service where the gas pressures are checked and replenished if necessary. On some electric cars, the air con system cools the battery so it’s important that it works efficiently.”

Brake fluid also needs to be changed every two years.

“Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means It absorbs moisture,” Scott explains. “If you have water in the fluid and the brakes get hot, the water turns into vapour which can be compressed, you then lose braking, and your pedal goes to the floor.”

Electric car servicing at Dick Lovett

There are additional services when you book electric car servicing at one of Dick Lovett’s dealerships.

“While the cars are here, they are plugged into the diagnostic machine to check if any faults are logged, and you have an approved technician who will check the car mechanically to make sure it’s safe,” says Scott.

BMW Melksham Service Centre Dick Lovett

There may also be some software upgrades or quality enhancements, issued by the manufacturer, in the two-year interval between services. Anything that is safety related is recalled, and the car owner or customer then receives a letter or, depending on the brand of vehicle, a notification via the App that connects to the car. This is available on BMW and MINI EV models.

To book an electric car service at Dick Lovett, click here or read more about our servicing and repair plans here. Explore our range of electric cars for sale here.

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