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Public Charging Your Electric Vehicle In 2024

Posted 1st February 2024

Updated on 8th March 2024

Public Charging Your Electric Vehicle In 2024

For as long as electric cars have existed, there’s been a big question surrounding whether the UK has sufficient charging infrastructure to support comfortable ownership of one. So, let’s take a look at where we are in 2024.

Charging locations as well as the number of actual charging connections has been growing rapidly over the last few years as electric vehicles (EVs) have become an increasingly common sight on UK roads. Naturally, if you live in a city, large town or a generally well-built-up area you’re going to have access to a much greater number of public charging stations as well as some of the fastest that are on offer.

Public Charging Statistics

As of February 2024, the United Kingdom had 57,290 electric vehicle charging points distributed across 32,575 locations, reflecting a 47% surge in the overall count compared to February 2023. This includes 87,421 individual charging connections.

It’s worth noting that these statistics only include public chargers and not those installed at homes, workplaces, and other locations. According to Zapmap, there are estimated to be an additional 680,000 charge points installed outside of the public charging infrastructure. That’s not to say these charging stations aren’t accessible to the public, some establishments may have chargers in place for guests and visitors to use. A great example of this is when you visit Dick Lovett - the majority of our sites have electric charging stations that you can utilise.

Electric Car Charging

Which areas of the UK have the most public charging?

Greater London makes up 34.4% of the UK’s public charging network, followed by the South East at 11.5% and Scotland at 8.5%. Comparatively, the South West makes up 6.7%. This is the equivalent of 3,630 charging points.

How many high-speed public chargers are there?

10,967 rapid and ultra-rapid charging devices were reported to be available in the UK as of February 2023. These are spread out across 5,113 locations.

These are shared by a range of different providers including InstaVolt and Tesla who make up 13.2% and 11.3% respectively. As you can see, there’s been a significant growth in public charging infrastructure for EVs across the country.

As we progress through 2024 and the coming years the rate of growth will continue to increase as vehicle electrification develops. Make use of apps like Zapmap to further explore public charging availability in your area for further peace of mind. With a home charger installed and the use of such apps, ensuring your electric vehicle is charged when you need it shouldn’t be an issue in 2024. Most electric vehicle drivers charge at home or their workplace, with only around 7% of their overall charging being at public stations.

EV Public Charging Stations

If you’re ready to leap into the world of electric motoring, check out our brilliant stock of electric vehicles from a variety of brands and get in touch with our experts if you have any questions.

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Statistics courtesy of Zapmap.

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