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5 Phone Apps You Need On Your Next Road Trip

Apple CarPlay

You might be a little rusty remembering how you managed to get to your destination without the kids kicking off in the rear seating.

There are some great phone / tablets apps out there which can warn you of any delays or closed roads so you can get from A to B, the safest but also the fastest. Heres 5 phone apps which you need on your next road trip!

Google Maps / Waze

“Are we there yet?” - Available on both Android and IOS for free, Google Maps makes for an essential companion on road trips, or even the daily commute - better still, it can be used in any part of the world, so if you are used to travelling abroad and hiring cars, the app will remain familiar. 

Google Maps is packed with detail since it uses the same data you can find when typing a business in on Google search. For example, if you searched Dick Lovett BMW Bristol, it would display our opening hours, further still it would tell you if you are going to arrive close to when we are closing, or if we’ll be closed before you arrive. 

Google Maps

You can also find reviews so if you are planning a pit stop, you can pick out the best motorway services, or restaurant along your route. It will even tell you how busy places like museums or theme parks are through the use of live data so you know what to expect when you get there (or when to avoid).

If you are on a smaller 3G/4G mobile package, you can download sections of the map so you are able to know where you are going without using any data - of course to pick up any road closures or delays you need an Internet connection. 

Extremely similar to Google maps and free, Waze operates mostly via community inputs rather than data like Google therefore you are likely to hear of delays and closures quicker. The community can also report any roadworks or cars stopped on the side of the road to give you the heads up that you may be approaching them.

Waze ios appThe two are very similar so it's down to your preference which one you continue using! Both are compatible with Apple CarPlay.

Download Google Maps IOS

Download Google Maps Android

Download WAZE

Spotify / Amazon Music

Let's be honest, would it be a road trip without music? Dick Lovett actually compiled a list of the worlds favourite driving songs earlier this year with “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd sitting at number 1 position though it came out over 46 years ago! 

Spotify offers endless hours of streaming songs, all for £9.99 a month (or £14.99 for a family plan holding 6 accounts) however the free service will do the trick if you don't mind an advert every now and again and a few limited features.

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Unlimited Amazon Music comes out at £9.99 a month or £7.99 a month if you are a Prime member. Without upgrading to Unlimited, existing Prime members have limited access to albums and artists, so it's worth the upgrade to go unlimited. Similar to Spotify, it also charges £14.99 a month with a family account (again for up to 6 people). You can also use Amazon Music free, but you’ll encounter limited functionality and adverts.

Both Spotify and Amazon Music offer a 3 month (90 day) trial, this gives you a chance to find out which one you prefer. The apps also integrate with Apple CarPlay and also Google Maps and Waze which introduce ‘Driving Mode’ which limits the functionality of the app whilst driving to avoid distractions.

And If music isn’t your thing, there’s also millions of podcasts to choose from within the two apps.

Download Spotify

Download Amazon Music

YouTube Kids

To keep the kids quiet, you should definitely be using YouTube kids. The difference between this and the normal YouTube app is that it gives them loads of great content with no risk of them accidentally viewing anything that might upset them.

To avoid extra charges if you are on a low data plan, you can download videos prior to your trip using WI-FI. Videos will remain offline for up to 48 hours - allowing plenty of time to get to your destination.

Download YouTube Kids

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Zap Map IOS

The Zap-Map electric car charging app offers a UK-wide charging point map currently showing over 10,000 charging locations and more than 30,000 connectors.

You can create a route within the route planner to plan suitable charging stops on your electric journey so you never run out of charge.

Download Zap-Map

Petrol Prices

For those who are powering petrol still, Petrol Prices is a great, fast way to make sure you are paying fair amounts for your fuel in area’s you may not be familiar with.

According to their website, The average member saves £200 a year on petrol and diesel when using the app, money that can be put towards your next adventure.

Download Petrol Prices

Petrol Prices 2

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