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Paws and pistons: Pairing car manufacturers with dog breeds

Posted 24th August 2023

Paws and pistons: Pairing car manufacturers with dog breeds

As we eagerly approach National Dog Day this Saturday (26th August), we decided to set out on a playful journey with the help of artificial intelligence.

We asked AI to envision some of the world's favourite car and bike manufacturers as different breeds of dogs.

Now, when it comes to our favourite car and bike manufacturers and beloved canine companions, the similarities might not always be obvious, but there's a certain charm in drawing playful parallels between the two.

Just as various dog breeds boast distinct traits, characteristics, and behaviours, so too do our beloved car and bike manufacturers, exhibiting their own defining features. Some may say pairing them is an inefficient use of time, but we beg to differ. After all, who can resist the universal appeal of dogs?

Click your manufacturer to reveal the dog!

BMW - German Shepherd

Dog Imagery (1920 x 1080)

Both BMW and German Shepherds are known for their sleekness, agility, and a sense of power. They exude confidence and are highly regarded for their performance.

MINI - English Bulldog

Dog Imagery (1920 x 1080)2

Both MINI and English Bulldog’s are small in stature but big in personality. Both possess a unique and recognisable character that resonates with people across generations. In common are also their strength, endearing charm, playful personality, and distinct identity.

Porsche - Greyhound

Dog Imagery (1920 x 1080)3

Porsche is renowned for its speed, precision, and elegance. Similarly, Greyhounds are one of the fastest dog breeds, known for their slim, aerodynamic bodies, and graceful movements.

Tesla - Border Collie

Dog Imagery (1920 x 1080)8

Both Tesla and Border Collies are known for their intelligence, agility, and energy. They are innovative, efficient, and have a certain level of sophistication.

Lamborghini - Samoyed

Dog Imagery (1920 x 1080)4

Both Lamborghini and Samoyed’s demand attention and stand out from your typical car and dog. Both are rare to come across due to their premium price, these pairings can roam for miles, whether in snowy mountains, or within the idyllic British countryside.

Aston Martin - Wolf

Dog Imagery (1920 x 1080)5

Aston Martin represents luxury, refinement, and sophistication. Wolves are caring, playful and above all, devoted to family. They exude a sense of class and elegance, making them a good match.

Land Rover - Labrador Retriever

Dog Imagery (1920 x 1080)6

Land Rover is associated with ruggedness, off-road capabilities, and adventure. Labrador Retrievers are versatile, friendly, and known for their love of outdoor activities, making them a great pairing.

Jaguar - Afghan Hound

Dog Imagery (1920 x 1080)7

Jaguars are sleek, powerful, and known for their agility. The Afghan Hound shares similar characteristics with its elegant appearance, graceful movements, and regal presence. While we acknowledge the inclination towards using an actual Jaguar here, we chose not to deviate from our designated theme.

BMW Motorrad - Siberian Husky

Dog Imagery (1920 x 1080)9

BMW Motorrad is a brand known for its adventure motorcycles (think Ewan and Charley's ‘Long Way Round’ and ‘Long Way Down’ travel documentaries), and the Siberian Husky is a breed associated with endurance and strength. Both evoke a sense of adventure, freedom, and excitement.

Mercedes - Poodle

Dog Imagery (1920 x 1080)10

Mercedes is often associated with luxury, refinement, and elegance. Poodles are known for their intelligence, poise, and stylish appearance. Both evoke a sense of sophistication and class.

While this playful pairing of car and bike manufacturers with dog breeds might be purely imaginative, it's a reminder of the wonderful diversity and uniqueness that both the automotive and canine worlds offer.

Whether you're a car or bike enthusiast, a dog lover, or both, there's always room for a little fun when it comes to celebrating the things we're passionate about. So, the next time you see a BMW or a German Shepherd, a MINI or a Bulldog, you might just smile and think of the delightful connections we've explored here. After all, cars and dogs have a way of making life more enjoyable in their own special ways.

Which other car and bike manufacturers would you like to see added to this list? Do you think another dog breed would be better suited to some of the pairings?


We used ChatGPT to pair car manufacturers with dog breeds and Midjourney for the imagery. The piece is intended for entertainment purposes only.

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