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LOVETT STORIES #5 - Meet the MINI Mad Ahmed Family

Posted on 25th September 2020

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The Ahmed Family have a passion for MINIs and are MINI obsessed! They already own 4  MINIs and have recently added the truly special GP3 to their collection too, which will become 15 year old son Harris' MINI when he is old enough to drive. Harris’ brother even bought him a personalised ‘GP’ number plate to match his new MINI.

From Classic Minis, R50s, R55s, Clubvans, Checkmate Editions and now the GP3 the Ahmed family have had them all. The GP3 was the perfect addition as it’s the fastest model yet and is strictly limited to 3,000 cars worldwide. They are already looking at adding the GP1 and GP2s to the collection too!

Let's take a look at just some of the MINI’s in the Ahmed family’s collection: 

Model John Cooper Works
Year 06
Colour Black
Favourite Features Recaro Trim
John Cooper Works
Full aero kit, leather interior



Model John Cooper Works
Year 55
Colour Red
Favourite Features Low mileage, 35k. Full aero kit and 18” Alloy Wheels and JCW embossed into the seats
Clubvans are rare!

Harris said the GP3 is his favourite MINI because of its aggressive look which makes it so unique compared to the other MINIs in the family’s collection and the 302 bhp is mind blowing.

And Harris is right…  More speed, more sport and more style is what makes the GP3 a truly special model and takes this third-generation model to a whole new level, whilst still maintaining the magnificent MINI feeling. The exterior aesthetics are optimised to be race track ready including low-mounted bucket seats and weight-saving fittings geared towards operation that’s as comfortable as it is effortless.

Other than the GP3, Harris other favourite MINI is the Red John Cooper Works model that they own because he likes the JCW embossed into the front seats, Not only does the styling on JCW models make them stand out - but they are also turbocharged as opposed to supercharged, the kit itself is very different from that of the previous Cooper S. The JCW boasts an uprated induction system, exhaust and ECU remap, and increases the bhp by 17 to 192 bhp with an acceleration from 0-62 mph in  6.8 seconds, and a top speed of 144 mph.

And when 15 year old Harris finally gets to drive his new MINI, he will be no stranger to the MINIs legendary Go Kart handling as he already races Touring Karts and is sponsored by Autotrader.



Thank you to the Ahmed Family for sharing your MINI story with us.

If you or your family have a remarkable car story, we’d love to hear from you!

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