Dick Lovett


Posted on 4th February 2020

Aston Martin GT8

Most Aston Martin stories start with three numbers. 0-0-7. The mark of a true gentleman, who likes his drinks shaken and never stirred and lives on the edge of danger and excitement.

Many of our Aston Martin customers talk about how Mr Bond has influenced their purchasing decision, and Michael Lightowlers from South Wales is no exception.

What makes Michael's story really stand out is his love of every single aspect of the Aston Martin brand. From very early on he aspired to own one in a very unique and specific colour combination, and after hard work and long hours, he was able to purchase his dream car.

So you have the ultimate car, now what? Well Michael quickly snapped up the latest DBS Superleggera, a 720 horsepower twin turbo V12 powerhouse, capable of breezing past the 200 mph mark in complete luxury and comfort, and hasn't looked back since. 

Better than any shot of coffee in the morning, Michael's Vantage GT8 is as raw as it gets. 7-Speed dogleg manual gearbox, carbon fibre everywhere and motorsport inspired suspension gives this Vantage a real race car feel on the road, on any road!

The two cars are complete opposites in many aspects, one is luxurious and relaxing, the other is designed purely to pump adrenaline, yet somehow they make the perfect couple!

A huge thank you to Michael for taking the time to film with us, we really appreciate it!

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