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Posted on 3rd December 2019

Joel Mutton

Ask any petrol head, "If you could have anything in the world what would it be?" We are almost sure the majority would answer with "A garage full of cars", and Joel Mutton is living out every petrol head's fantasy. 

Having been born into a car obsessed family, it was clear from a young age Joel was going to follow in his father's footsteps, and now owns a truly remarkable collection of cars that cater to every taste.

Joel Mutton Garage

Car Obsession Lovett Stories

Joel is showing no signs of slowing down his car addiction too, with an stunning F8 Tributo on the way and his newest addition taking pride of place in the garage, the bright orange 997 Carrera 4 S.

We see that Joel isn't biased to any car brand, and whilst some pull on his heart strings a little harder than others, it's extremely refreshing to see someone who loves cars, for being cars. 

Walk alongside a stunning Jensen Interceptor to find two classic Mini Coopers, one that has been completely reproduced to replicate Joel's idol Steve McQueen, even down to the split colour scheme and front spot lights! This collection of unusual cars might not be to everyone's taste, but rest assured there is something for every petrolhead in Joel's garage, and even if it isn't there currently, he has more than likely owned one at some point!

We salute you Joel, it was an absolute pleasure to check out your wonderful collection. 

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