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Is now the time to upgrade or invest in a tow car?

Posted 3rd June 2020


Due to the uncertainty with foreign holidays at the moment, not to mention how Brits feel about travelling abroad, we’re taking bets that most of us will be taking a staycation for our next holiday. So could now be the perfect time to upgrade your current tow car to take advantage of the stunning scenery the UK has to offer in the coming months?

At Dick Lovett we offer a diverse mix of vehicles that make towing a caravan a breeze. We’ve put together some of our favourites below and highlighted why we think they’d be perfect for the job.

BMW 5 Series Touring


For more than 40 years the BMW 5 Series has been the go to car in the executive class; but it is also one of the best tow vehicles on the market today. It was Tow Car Awards overall winner in 2018 and in 2019 was a winner in the hotly contested 1700-1899kg category. All models in the BMW 5 Series Touring line-up have a towing capacity of 2,000kg, and an electronically folding tow bar is available as a £855 option.

Being an estate car there’s plenty of room in the boot, a full 1,700 litres, plenty of space for all your camping gear. The 5 Series range can be specified with BMW xDrive all-wheel drive giving you extra grip when driving down gravel roads or manoeuvring around a site.

The 5 Series Touring is available from £393.97 per month with £4,509 deposit.

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Land Rover Discovery


The Discovery is an iconic car from Land Rover, its combination of practicality, refinement and style make it stand out from its competition. A towing capacity of over three tonnes and 400Nm of torque ensure the Discovery can haul even the biggest loads with ease. Inside you’ll find seating for seven as well as a boot that’s among the largest in its class.

The optional Advanced Tow Assist is the perfect tool for aiding caravan parking. Simply use the rotary controller on the centre console to guide the vehicle and caravan whilst the car automatically calculates the necessary steering inputs. Operate the pedals as normal and the intuitive system will show the predicted path of the trailer on the infotainment touchscreen. 

The extremely capable Land Rover Discovery is available from £499 per month with £9,214 deposit.

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Porsche Cayenne


If you like your tow vehicle with a sporty edge, look no further than the Porsche Cayenne. First launched in 2003 the Cayenne has set the standard in the SUV market ever since. Amazingly Porsche broke the “heaviest aircraft pulled by a production car” record in 2017 when a Cayenne S pulled a 285-tonne Air France Airbus A380. 

Powerful engine options ensure loads of up to 3.5 tonnes are handled without issue. The Cayenne is equipped with all-wheel drive so it’s ready to take on the great outdoors. The Cayenne’s large wheel base and Porsche Stability Management (PSM) system keep it poised and firmly planted on the road when towing.

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MINI Clubman


Not all towing vehicles need to be large and the new MINI Clubman is a perfect example! The iconic MINI styling perfectly suits the retro ‘teardrop’ style caravan and the two are perfect companions for a weekend escape. The Clubman can be specified with a detachable tow bar for trailer weights up to 1,200 kg. 

Standard equipment including Bluetooth music streaming and MINI Navigation Pack ensure your getaway entertainment starts the moment you set off. Like all MINI models the Clubman is packed with clever storage solutions such as a variable height boot floor and rear luggage nets.

The new MINI Clubman is available from £268.62 per month with a £2,000 deposit.

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Aston Martin DBX


Want to be the envy of everyone at your next campsite? Look no further than the stunning all-new Aston Martin DBX. The DBX is Aston Martin’s first ever SUV and is the most diverse model in the line up. Under the bonnet is a muscular V8 that delivers almost 550 bhp giving the DBX a 2,700kg towing capacity. 

Not only is the DBX beautiful to look at, it’s practical too. The long wheelbase and revolutionary interior packaging provides exceptional space and comfort for five adults. The generous space continues in the boot with a best in class capacity of 638 litres.

The new Aston Martin DBX is available from £1,499 per month with a £36,421 deposit.

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