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Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Car?

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We know it's a difficult and challenging time, and we know you may be asking, is now a good time to buy a car? Or, is it safe to buy a car? We are here to help you understand both of those questions if you are thinking about purchasing a new car during the Coronavirus outbreak.

We're working hard to ensure that we are following the latest government guidance on sanitisation and social distancing requirements and understand that some customers may not feel ready to enter our dealerships, which is why it's important to say you can still contact us by calling our dealerships, submitting an enquiry through the website, or speaking to our team on Live Chat from 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday. 

To help - we are able to offer car collections and deliveries on current and future orders*. When its time to collect your new car, a member of the team will contact you to complete all of the relevant paperwork and to confirm your appointment time. Only one customer will be allowed in the handover area and if required, we can send you a personalised video to explain everything you need to know about the features and controls.

*Delivery is dependent on the brand of vehicle you are purchasing, mileage restrictions and fees may apply.

Is it safe to buy a used car?


Yes, of course.

All of our stock is currently locked to avoid cross contamination. If you are interested in a particular vehicle, a member of the sales team will unlock the vehicle for you so you can have a closer look; we will ensure that there's only ever one person inside the car.

After the viewing, the car will be locked again until the necessary cleaning steps have been undertaken. If you purchase that vehicle, only our staff are able to access it to put it through its pre-delivery inspection.

After this process, it will be professionally cleaned by our valeting team who will apply seat and steering wheel covers. These will be removed in front of you during your hand over.

The hand over area will also have hand sanitiser and floor signs to ensure we maintain a two-meter gap. Your new keys will have been sanitised and will be given to you in a sealed envelope.

Can I test drive a car?

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Yes, absolutely.

We are offering test drives in a number of different ways. You can test drive from the dealership as normal and our staff will talk you through the process of taking a test drive alone and the identification you need to bring along to enable this to happen.

For those of you who don’t feel comfortable visiting our dealerships, we can bring the car to you and you can test drive at home. 

You can request a test drive on any of our used cars. Please be rest assured whichever car you choose to test drive, it will be sanitised and seat/steering wheel covers will be used where necessary.

Should I buy a car on Finance?

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Ultimately, this down to you. We complete background checks prior to any finance purchase to ensure you can afford the car you are wanting to purchase.

We understand your financial situation may change as the coronavirus situation develops so we recommend keeping a close eye on your outgoings to make sure you don’t fall behind. If you’re concerned about upcoming payments, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or your finance provider - For example, BMW Financial Services. 

All our vehicles are within different price points, so we’ll be able to find a car which suits your financial requirements.

Is it worth considering Electric?

MINI Electric

Some of us have experienced very low fuel expenditure due to working from home over the last few months - imagine what it would be like to have this all the time! 

It's a great time to consider going electric or hybrid - we are going to be seeing business take up remote working as a new way of doing business - not only will this mean people have more free time, it's better for the environment. We may not notice the immediate environmental benefits the last 2 months have had, but it's certainly helped put us in a good mindset for the future.

As an example, the MINI Electric has a driving range of 145 miles and costs as little as 4p per mile. Even better charge points can be installed at your home meaning you don’t have to visit petrol stations, which see’s many people visit on an hourly basis so may not be great for sanitisation especially if you are shielding or more vulnerable.

View our Electric / Hybrid Stock

Why wouldn't you consider electric?

Our sales teams are ready to take your enquiry, and we promise the fun of buying a new car is still the same  so, it’s time to view the car you’ve been eyeing up!

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