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Introducing our Sustainability Team

Posted 2nd December 2022

Introducing our Sustainability Team

As the Group has grown since its inception in 1966, so has our impact on the environment. With the industry-wide drive for cleaner technology, such as Electric Vehicles and charging facilities, we have created a new department to move the business forward with regards to the environment and sustainability.

We are therefore pleased to introduce our two Energy and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) Analysts , Callum and Olivia. Callum joins us from UWE where he completed a BA (Hons) Business and Management course, specialising in sustainability in his final year. Olivia studied Environmental Science (BSc) at the University of Portsmouth.

The Sustainability Team has been created to help monitor, bring awareness and reduce the Group's environmental impact. One of their tasks will be implementing sustainable initiatives to reduce the Group's consumption habits, with the goal to lower our environmental impact and business-related costs.

Callum and Olivia will be developing and implementing initiatives to drive positive change on Dick Lovett's journey to sustainability. This will include being involved with the development of renewable technology, learning about electric vehicles, and creating an environmental management system. They hope to engage with everyone across the business to provide knowledge and encourage changes in workplace culture to promote sustainability.

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In the short term, the Sustainability Team will start by looking at the operations of the business. By understanding the resources needed to run the business, they can then pinpoint areas in which can be overlooked, helping to drive efficiency. The long-term goals involve reducing our reliance on the national grid and investing in renewable energy generation. With the effects of global warming becoming more apparent, we need to consider our impact through our operations and move towards clean and renewable forms of energy.

Dick Lovett hopes to be an organisation at the forefront of its industry, setting the pace to minimise its impact on the environment, and providing insight and support to stakeholders interested in making the same sustainability journey. Being a sustainable business has countless benefits, from the obvious reduction in emissions from reduced energy consumption, to instilling employee pride and making everyone in the business more aware of their individual impact on the environment, so they can make positive changes at work and at home.

You can get to know Callum and Olivia better over on our careers page and find out more about life at Dick Lovett.

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