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How To Keep Your Car Safe At Home

With your car parked up for the next few weeks, have you thought about ensuring its safety?

No doubt you have spent the last week cleaning and polishing every inch of your car trying to pass the time however, there are a number of things you can do to make sure your vehicle is as safe and secure as possible and away from any vandalism, aside from the obvious hiding valuables and making sure it's locked before leaving it parked up.

Garage Parking If you are lucky enough to be able to park your car in your garage, not only is it protected from the outside elements, it helps to deter any harm coming to it. It keeps your vehicle out of sight and some insurance providers might actually take garage parking into consideration when renewing your car insurance premium.

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Driveway / Road parking

Not everyone has a garage, but there are other things you can do to make sure your car is safe. Simple things such as parking near, or facing your house or parking in line with a large window can also ensure it is kept safe.


Keyless Start / Entry

Whilst this is one of the best features in modern day, it doesn't come without some risk. Let's be honest, why would you want to stand jumbling for your keys in your bag when you can just press the button on the door handle and the car locks/unlocks itself. Criminals in the past have been able to ‘hack’ your wireless key, allowing them to enter the vehicle and drive off. 

Although the signal can pass through doors, walls and windows, it cannot penetrate metal, so storing your keys inside a metal container, a signal blocking wallet or even a microwave will protect your vehicle against an unwanted guest or journey.

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CCTV is another huge deterrence and much easier to install these days. Depending on the system, it may not need to be installed by a professional and can run off rechargeable batteries with any video clips being automatically saved to the ‘cloud’ rather than a disk. You are able to receive motion detection notifications to your mobile and view a live feed so you can check on your car whenever or wherever you are. 


As much as you love your car, and want everyone to know - sharing your car on social media can make it a hotspot. Not only can people recognise locations, especially ones you visit most often, if your registration is in the picture, your car can be easily identified. At Dick Lovett, we love a car picture but always be conscious about what you are sharing.
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Don't leave your car running unattended 

It’s great to give the engine a short run if it's been sat for a few days to recharge the battery. Leaving it parked running unattended can pose a risk as it can only take a few moments for someone to get inside and drive off. You should always be around or in your car if the engine is running with nobody inside. A flat battery may stop your car alarm functioning correctly.

Security lights

Our final tip is around security lighting, if your flood light hasn't been working for a while, perhaps now is a great time to look into getting it fixed. It's common knowledge criminals don’t like to call attention to themselves so a bright light can put them off coming near your car. 

We hope you found our tips handy into making sure your car is safe whilst parked at home, leave a comment below, if you have any tips, we’d love to hear them!

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