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Five-A-Side Football Tournament

Posted 2nd October 2023

Five-A-Side Football Tournament

On Sunday 1st October, we were thrilled to hold our first five-a-side football tournament to raise money for The Lovett Foundation and see who would come out victorious in the highly-anticipated East Vs West competition.

It was brilliant to see players, spectators, and family members come together for what was sure to be an exciting day of football and be the talk of the office on the following Monday.

As people gathered at Clifton Rugby Club, there was an electric atmosphere in the air while the teams eagerly awaited the first game. 16 teams from around the Group took part in the tournament, playing 20 minute games in a knock out format.

There were some impressive team kits from BMW Melksham and Porsche Cardiff, who had even created their own logo for the occasion.

Football 2

The anticipation was building as the first teams made their way onto the pitch. When the referees blew their whistles, the first two games kicked off with a fast-paced determination.

The first round saw teams from Hungerford, Swindon, Melksham, and Tewkesbury face off against each other, while the teams from Bristol and Cardiff battled it out to progress to the quarter finals. The players were constantly dribbling, tackling, and making shots for goal.

The friendly competition in the games was also evident, with players sometimes clashing into each other while making advances for the ball.

Football 1 (1)

The players showed great teamwork on the day and were celebrating each goal together. The teams that progressed were ecstatic to get to the next round and face another team. Regardless of the outcome, the players who were knocked out enjoyed a drink with their fellow teammates while cheering on the other teams.

After watching the four teams from the Farmhouse, BMW Melksham, Aston Martin and MINI Bristol in the semi finals, spectators watched the final take place between BMW Melksham and MINI Bristol.

Congratulations to the BMW Melksham team for winning after a sterling performance. They were the first to lift the first Lovett Foundation Football tournament trophy, which was made at our Bodyshop in Swindon by one of our Apprentices!

Football Final

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