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Brands & models without motability offers 2021 Q4

Posted 6th October 2021

MINI Motability

Mercedes-Benz, SEAT & Ford have pulled Motability offers for Q4

A number of brands have pulled Motability offers for Q3 and Q4, due to the longer lead times for new cars. But don't worry if your chosen model is not available next quarter, as here at Dick Lovett we have plenty of Motability alternatives from BMW and MINI on offer. Explore the list below to find the makes and models pulled from Q3 & Q4 Motability offers, as well as all our suggested alternatives for each model.

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Mercedes Models Without Motability Offers

Mercedes A-Class Motability

If you were after the A-Class on Motability, there are quite a few alternatives on offer from BMW and MINI. They’re similar-sized hatch models, with a few electric versions too.

A Class

Mercedes A-Class Motability alternatives

Mercedes B-Class Motability

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class is a people carrier, with BMW and MINI Motability alternatives below offering similar sizes and practicality.

B Class

Mercedes B-Class Motability alternatives

Mercedes CLA Motability

With the Mercedes CLA on Motability no longer on offer for the last quarter, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé is the perfect alternative.

Mercedes CLA Motability alternative:CLA

Mercedes GLA Motability

We also have a few alternatives if you were after the Mercedes GLA on Motability, ideal if you need a larger model.


Mercedes GLA Motability Alternatives

SEAT Models Without Motability Offers

Four of the six SEAT Motability offers have been pulled, with a strong match from BMW and MINI available for all models.

SEAT Ibiza Motability

The SEAT Ibiza on Motability is a popular choice. If you’re looking for something similar, choose from the BMW 1 Series, i3, MINI 3 or 5 Door hatch, Electric or Convertible for cars of similar statures.

SEAT Ibiza

SEAT Ibiza Motability Alternatives

SEAT Arona Motability

The SEAT Arona on Motability is the smallest SUV from the manufacturer’s lineup. This makes the BMW X1 and X2 great replacements, as well as the MINI Countryman.

SEAT Arona

SEAT Ateca Motability

If you were after the SEAT Ateca on Motability, there are three ideal alternatives below.

SEAT Ateca

SEAT Tarraco Motability

For anyone looking to get the SEAT Tarraco on Motability, the manufacturer’s largest car, there are two great choices from BMW and one from MINI.

SEAT Tarraco

Ford Models Without Motability Offers

Whilst most Ford Motability cars are still on offer, the popular Fiesta was removed.

Ford Fiesta Motability

Ford Fiesta Motability

 You’ve got a great choice when it comes to getting a Ford Fiesta Motability alternative, including:

Ford Fiesta Motability Alternatives

BMW Models Without Motability Offers

The BMW Motability lineup for Q4 remains relatively unchanged, apart from the BMW 3 Series being removed. Not to worry though, as there are still five other BMW Motability offers live, not to mention MINI alternatives too.

BMW 3 Series Motability

The closest match to the BMW 3 Series would be the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe if you’re set on getting a BMW. There’s also the X1, X2, 1 Series, 2 Series Gran Coupe and i3. Although only the 2 Series Gran Coupe closely matches the 3 Series, all other models feature that premium BMW badge and fine craftsmanship.

BMW 3 Series

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