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A Quick Guide To Motability Adaptations

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If you live with a disability or impairment that makes driving less than straightforward, it's important to choose the right car for your needs and driving style. The standard technology available on the BMW and MINI ranges such as an automatic gearbox, push-button ignition, parking sensors and boots with flat entry can certainly help make your life easier.  However, if you need some extra help with driving, accessing your car or stowing wheelchairs,  more sophisticated Motability car adaptations could be the answer.

There are many options available at Dick Lovett BMW and MINI to address a multitude of needs. You can view the full list at: https://www.motability.co.uk/cars-scooters-and-powerchairs/adaptations-overview/adaptations-available-on-the-scheme/adaptations-prices

Here are five of the most popular Motability adaptations:

1. Lodgesons 10-WAY remote control device and steering ball.

This is very helpful if you use hand controls such as a push-and-pull accelerator. The remote control device enables you to work standard car controls like indicators, windscreen wipers and headlights without taking both hands off the steering wheel. This means you can drive safely with one hand controlling the steering wheel at all times.

Lodgesons 10 WAY remote control device and steering ball

2. Autochair manual transfer plates

New Transfer Plate 160818

This is a very affordable way to help you get in and out of your car, by creating a flat surface between your wheelchair and the car seat. The plates are fitted to the side of the seat and can be folded away afterwards. As these plates are manual rather than electric, you'll need to have enough upper body strength to put them in place and fold them away.

3. Electric lift

The Autochair transferable person lift can support a total weight of up to 149kg (23 stone) including a wheelchair. It can lift a wheelchair user into the car with very little movement needed from the customer. If you combine this with a boot hoist to stow your wheelchair, it can offer an alternative solution to a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV).

Solutions SmartTransfer (1)

4. Autochair compact transferable boot hoist

4. Autochair compact transferable boot hoist

This 80kg boot hoist is a straightforward option if you or your carer have trouble lifting your wheelchair or scooter into your car boot. These hoists can be either two-way (up and down only) for lighter manual wheelchairs or four-way (up and down/in and out) for heavier wheelchairs or scooters. You may need to fold down the rear seats to make extra room.

5. Perspex screen

These screens can be helpful if a driver requires a secure area separated from passengers with complex needs who are travelling in the rear of the vehicle. It ensures the driver is not physically distracted and keeps the passengers safe.

Rear drivershields (1)

Many motability adaptations are free of charge

It makes sense to order your chosen adaptations when you order your Motability BMW or MINI, so we can make sure they work smoothly together and you can start enjoying your new and perfectly adapted car straight away. There's no charge for many adaptations and if you go on to buy another Motability vehicle, we can transfer your adaptations across so you can continue to benefit from them.

Call now or visit your local Dick Lovett showroom in Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Hungerford, between Newbury and Andover to discover all the possibilities our Motability adaptation installers can offer you.

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