The new Ferrari 488 Spider is revealed

We are delighted to announce Ferrari have now revealed the stunning 488 Spider delivering extreme performance combined with an exhilarating drop top driving pleasure.

This new edition to the Prancing Horse range is a turbocharged V8 Spider with the same 660bhp engine as the GTB Coupé. Its performance levels are nothing short of extraordinary: a maximum power output of 661 bhp combined with maximum torque of 760 Nm at 3000 rpm propel the 488 Spider from 0 to 62mph in just 3 seconds flat. However, there is a small reduction in the 0-124mph performance of 8.7 seconds compared to 8.3 seconds of the Coupé. The fuel consumption is unchanged and the top speed is 203mph.

The folding hard top is similar to its predecessors taking 14 seconds to fold up or down, however the car is actually 50kg heavier than the GTB but still lighter than the 458 Spider. With the 488 having a space-frame chassis means there is no reduction in the torsional rigidity and in fact is 23% higher than the 458 Spider.

The most technologically advanced retractable hard top on the market, breathtaking powertrain and astounding aerodynamics combine to make the new 488 Spider the most revolutionary Spider ever built by Maranello.

Visit us today at the Dick Lovett Ferrari showroom in Swindon to find out more about the new Ferrari 488 Spider. You can also get in touch with us via the website for more information and to be the first to arrange your test drive.

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