Dick Lovett Giro d’Italia 2018 Road Tour​

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Taking place in the country that gave birth to Ferrari, arguably the most famous automotive marque of all-time, the inaugural Dick Lovett Giro d’Italia sets off from the five-star lux Palazzo della Fonte, south east of Rome in Fiuggi, on Monday 17th September 2018.

This event captures the true essence of the Ferrari lifestyle – fabulous cars, wonderful roads, beautiful scenery and world class hotels. Combine this with great company and the superb logistics provided for us by the experienced team at The Supercar Club, and the Dick Lovett Giro d’Italia is set to be an experience not to be missed.

Over the past 19 years, the team at The Supercar Club have developed an unrivalled knowledge of the best roads in some of the most beautiful parts of Italy. They have worked hard to put together an event for us which promises to be nothing short of spectacular. The route will vary from mountain passes to rolling countryside, and pass through spectacular ancient cities with a grand finish in Florence.

We will drive some of the most famous roads well-known to supercar enthusiasts – as well as a host of wonderful lesser-known roads, all thoroughly researched by our team. We’re confident that the Dick Lovett Giro d’Italia is the ultimate way to enjoy all that your Ferrari has to offer.

The Event

Starting in Fiuggi on the 16th of September, the preplanned route of the Dick Lovett Giro D’Italia will see you driving your Ferrari from luxury hotel to luxury hotel, typically driving between 200 and 250 miles per day. The event will take in some of the most spectacular scenery Italy has to offer before crossing the finishing line on the 21st of September in Florence. Over the course of six nights, our event will provide you with luxury hotels and five days of some of the most enjoyable driving available in Italy. The variety and quality of roads will be superb as you tour the beautiful countryside passing through the regions of Abruzzo,Toscana, Umbria, Emilia Romagna, Rome and Lazio.

A Typical Day

Following a proper breakfast, you will depart your hotel at around 9.00am to head off on a route of carefully researched empty roads that wind their way through the Italian countryside.

The Dick Lovett Giro d’Italia is a luxury tour of Italy. One thing it is not, is a race. Each morning you will be given a fully detailed and researched route, taking you along fabulous roads leading you to a series of cryptic clues which you can solve to earn points and win fantastic prizes. Throughout the day you will stop at predetermined places to try and solve the clues that we set en-route, call in for coffee in the local cafés, or perhaps lunch in a historic town. You should arrive at your next hotel between 5.00pm and 6.00pm in time to relax, have a swim and to freshen up before pre-dinner drinks at 7.45pm followed by a delicious dinner. Accommodation will be of the highest standard available and all hotels are five-star.

Clues and routes

Teams that decide to be competitive will spend more time trying to solve the cryptic clues we set along the route. Solutions are often found in historic buildings, at national monuments or perhaps in vineyards or hidden under bridges. There will also be a series of photographic clues to look out for along the route. Solving clues is by no means compulsory! Some teams may prefer to focus on the driving and there is no pressure to participate for those that don't want to. However, taking part will enable you to compete for our fabulous prizes.

Dick Lovett Giro d’Italia -£9,250 per car(two people) includes:

• Six nights’ accommodation in luxury hotels
• Drinks reception and dinner each evening
• Gala dinner and prize giving on the final evening
• Event literature, road book and maps • Prizes
• Memorabilia and branded clothing
• A full support package from The Supercar Club team

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