MINI Winter Tyres

Once the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, a regular tyres ability to grip the road decreases. Don't wrap yourself in cotton wool though – get some winter tyres to increase safety and improve your performance on the roads. Winter tyres stop up to 20% quicker when driving in cold weather conditions compared to summer tyres.

A set of winter tyres will increase your MINIs capability to perform and grip to the road, not only in snow and ice, but also wet and cold conditions. MINI Winter Tyres also come with sophisticated tread patterns to provide increased levels of safety and mobility. These tyres can be used all winter which means they do not have to be changed when you go from driving on snow to driving on tarmac. They also wear better in winter conditions than regular tyres which means they could last up to 20% longer.

Alternating the use of regular and winter tyres at the correct time of year means that both sets of tyres can cover more miles so you have to replace them less often - saving you money. Be prepared by ordering your winter tyres today. From £560 these specialised tyres will keep you on the road regardless of the harsh snow and ice we can be faced with.

Take advantage of our MINI Tyre Hotel and send your summer tyres on a winter holiday. Rather than cluttering up your garage, let us safely store your out of use wheels and tyres for you. We'll even change your tyres over for you twice a year (or however often you'd like to change them).

Please contact us for availability and prices.

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