MINI MOT and servicing offers

Comprehensive MINI MOT for just £39.95

All cars 3 years old and over require a valid MOT certificate by law, and the contents and standards required are set by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

Book your MINI in for its MOT at a Dick Lovett MINI centre to get a great deal and peace of mind that your car will pass its MOT and remain 100% MINI.

For just £39.95 our MINI MOT offer includes:

  • Free Pre-MOT Check - checking and fixing any problems with the lights, seatbelts, horn, dashboard warning lights and windscreen & wiper blades, before starting the MOT test.
  • All work carried out by fully MINI Approved Technicians
  • Genuine MINI Parts with a 2 year warranty
  • Free wash and vacuum


    MINI Brake Servicing from just £159

    Brake servicing is an essential service designed to keep your MINI working as smoothly and safely as possible.

    The benefits of our brake servicing offer:

    • Carried out by fully trained MINI approved technicians
    • Genuine MINI Parts with a 2 year warranty
    • Free wash and vacuum
    • Updated MINI service history


    Front Pads Front Discs
    and Pads
    Rear PadsRear Discs
    and Pads
    R50, R51, R52,
    R53, R55, R56, R57
    £115 £199 £109 £169
    F56£159 £259 £129 £199
    F60£159 £259 £129 £199

    MINI Air conditioning service from just £79.95

    ​Air conditioning is often the most neglected piece of equipment in the car. However, it is easier to avoid the bigger, more costly problems by ensuring your air conditioning is used regularly and serviced annually.

    At Dick Lovett MINI we offer a great value air conditioning service from just £79.95.


    FREE seasonal health check

    It’s always better to be safe than sorry and Dick Lovett MINI can make keeping your cherished MINI in tip-top condition an absolute breeze with a free seasonal health check.

    Book now and let our MINI Approved Technicians keep you on the road rain, snow, or shine. Our free health checks covers all the seasonal essentials for the time of year.


    MINI Winter Tyres – be prepared

    Alternating the use of regular and winter tyres at the correct time of year meansboth sets of tyres can cover more miles, so you don’t have to replace them so often - saving you money.

    Winter tyres stop up to 20% quicker than summer tyres when driving in cold weather conditions, so get prepared and order your winter tyres from Dick Lovett MINI today. Starting from £560, these specialised tyres will keep you on the road regardless of the harsh snow and ice we can be faced with.

    You can also save yourself space in the garage by safely storing your out-of-use wheels and tyres at the Dick Lovett MINI Tyre Hotel. We’ll even change them over for you too.

    Please contact us for availability and prices.


    MINI Protect X - Protect your MINI’s paintwork and value

    The MINI Protect X system shields your paintwork from environmental pollutants, while providing a spectacular high-gloss finish. It X also guards your vehicle’s interior, ensuring that seat fabrics and carpets resist staining, and that leather remains soft and supple.

    The take-home car care kit which is also supplied with MINI Protect X contains a selection of cleaning items that will help you maintain your car’s flawless appearance.

    So, you can rest assured that beneath its showroom finish, your MINI and its future resale value stays protected.


    For more details about MINI servicing or any other MINI offers available, please call or visit Dick Lovett in Bath, Bristol, Swindon or Hungerford, easily reached from Andover and Newbury. Or get in touch with our MINI specialists today.

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