MINI Winter Health Check

MINI Winter Health Check

MINI Winter Health Check - £29.99

The freezing temperatures of winter can be a challenging time for motorists. Cold and damp weather might make it difficult to get the car started in the morning, while icy conditions can mean roads are hazardous. 

To help overcome these problems, we recommend booking your vehicle in for a MINI winter health check with Dick Lovett, to make sure your car is ready for whatever the season throws at it. For just £29.99, our MINI Approved technicians will give your vehicle an in-depth check, making sure it’s ready for snow, ice and whatever else winter brings.

Contact Dick Lovett MINI dealerships for more information and to make a booking. Our locations are Bristol, Hungerford (near Andover and Newbury), Melksham (near Bath) and Swindon.

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What's included in a winter health check?

A MINI winter health check includes a thorough inspection of the inner workings of your vehicle. Our team of MINI approved technicians will check your vehicle’s steering, lights and battery (a flat battery on a winter morning is a common problem in the cold), suspension, and brakes.

We’ll also check the condition of your tyres, inspecting them for any damage, wear and tear. If the tyre tread is lower than it should be, we can replace any affected tyres with new ones – your safety when driving is our priority. You might also consider MINI winter tyres, which have increased grip for wintry road conditions

With a MINI winter health check, our technicians also check the fluid levels in your vehicle, topping up engine oil, antifreeze and coolant*.

What does a MINI winter health check cost?

A MINI winter health check from Dick Lovett costs just £29.99 – and that price includes fluid top ups*.

To book a winter health check for your car, get in touch with our MINI service team directly using our online booking form. Or, you can call or visit any of Dick Lovett’s MINI dealerships. Our service centres are located throughout the South West, at Bristol, Hungerford, Melksham and Swindon. Contact us today and get your MINI winter-ready.


Terms and conditions

*Maximum 1 litre top up.