MINI Summer Health Check

MINI Summer Health Check

MINI Summer Health Check - £29.99

The weather in the summer might make driving conditions more favourable than the wet, ice and snow we typically see in the winter, but your MINI still needs to be road-ready.

Summer brings its own challenges for drivers. Hot conditions can cause problems for your engine, air conditioning, and fluid levels – especially if oil and coolant is running low. With a MINI summer health check from Dick Lovett, our approved technicians will give your vehicle a thorough inspection, check it over for any potential problems, and return it you prepped and ready to go.

A MINI summer health check costs just £29.99. To book today and to find out more information about a car summer check, contact our Dick Lovett MINI dealerships. You’ll find us in Bristol, Hungerford (near Andover and Newbury), Melksham (near Bath) and Swindon.

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What's included in a MINI summer health check?

A MINI summer health check from one of Dick Lovett’s official MINI dealerships is carried out by members of our approved servicing team. Our experts check the condition of the tyres, brakes, steering and suspension.

They also look at the health of your MINI’s battery and check that the lights are working correctly. Windscreen wipers are inspected to look for any signs of wear and tear, which might affect their operation. A smeared windscreen can be a real hazard at any time of year. Our technicians will also monitor fluid levels, and top up oil, antifreeze and coolant, up to a maximum of 1 litre, if needed.

If any repairs are needed, we’ll give you a quote before starting any work, and we only use genuine parts at Dick Lovett MINI. We’ll also discuss the possibility of fitting summer tyres on your MINI, if we think they will be of benefit. Summer tyres are built differently to winter tyres, and are more suitable for warm roads.

What does a MINI summer health check cost?

A MINI summer health check at Dick Lovett costs just £29.99, which we believe provides great value for a service from approved technicians and the peace-of-mind-motoring it gives you.

For £29.99, your MINI is thoroughly checked and inspected by our experts, and the price includes fluid top-ups*.

You can book your MINI summer health check quickly and easily by getting in touch with our service team directly through our online contact form, or by calling one of Dick Lovett’s four official MINI dealerships. These are located throughout the South West and offer advanced servicing facilities and free Wi-Fi and refreshments to our customers while they wait.


Terms and conditions

*Maximum 1 litre top up.