Your MINI car maintenance schedule guide

Posted 24th May 2019

Updated on 28th June 2023

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At Dick Lovett, we understand the value of maintaining your MINI properly so that your car remains in excellent condition.

Whether you've just become the proud owner of a brand-new model or have opted for a reliable pre-owned MINI, we have prepared a comprehensive maintenance guide to assist you in taking charge of your car's maintenance. This guide provides valuable insights into the components included in both interim and full service checks, helping you to stay on top of your vehicle's maintenance plans.

How will I know if my MINI needs a service?

It’s simple to know when your MINI needs a service – a light or message will be displayed in the dashboard of your car, acting as a reminder. Additionally, if your MINI is a 2019 model or later and you have the MINI app downloaded, you will receive service notifications as well as other important information about your vehicle. You even have the ability to book services through the app itself.


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Download the MINI app:

App Store or Google Play Store

MINIs are fitted with one of two systems that are designed to let owners know when their vehicle needs a service. Your MINI will either have a Service Interval Indicator (SII) or Condition Based Servicing (CBS), depending on the age of the model. 

Older MINIs have an SII, which monitors the mileage of your MINI and then alerts you via icons on the dashboard as to what kind of maintenance is needed. If an interim or full service is due shortly, the SII will alert you to that, giving you notice that you need to book your MINI service.

The CBS, which is fitted to newer MINI models, works in a similar way but in addition to an alert on the dashboard it also downloads data to your MINI key, which is used by our technicians to find out what repairs your car needs.

MINI CBS performs a number of checks, including monitoring oil levels and wear and tear. It informs drivers of MINI service intervals, using time and mileage, and provides advanced notice of a required service.

Dick Lovett MINI Service

Your MINI car maintenance schedule guide 3Dick Lovett MINI Employee Service

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What’s included in a MINI service?

A MINI service can include a number of different maintenance checks, plus more specific requirements as and when needed according to age and mileage.

As well as full services for your MINI to plan for, there may be other regular servicing requirements. For example, MINIs manufactured before 2006 will be ready for an oil change every 12 months or 10,000 miles, with a brake fluid service and air conditioning service and refresh due every two years. Newer MINIs will need an oil change every two years or 18,000 miles.

MINI Servicing
An engine oil service helps to keep your MINI’s engine running smoothly and in healthy condition. Old oil is drained away and replaced by new. A MINI engine oil service can include replacing the microfilter, air filter, fuel filter in diesel engines and spark plugs in petrol engines to ensure they’re all working correctly.

Our team of expert MINI technicians will give your car the specialist attention it deserves, using only Genuine MINI parts. If you’re unsure what type of service your MINI needs, get in touch with the Dick Lovett MINI team and we can help advise.

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MINI brake servicing checks explained:

Keep your brakes in excellent working order by booking a Brake Fluid Service for your MINI, which is a process included when you book in for brake servicing. We’ll drain any remaining fluid from the system before replacing it with new MINI approved brake fluid. Your MINI will require its first Brake Fluid Service three years from first registration, and then every two years after that. In addition to a Brake Fluid Service, MINI brake servicing covers a number of checks, including:

Front Brake Pads – as brake pads wear thin over time and regular use, performance can be affected. MINI recommends a Front Brake Pad Service every 30,000 miles. Your brake discs will also be inspected, too.

Front Brake Pad and Disc Service – this is recommended every 60,000 miles. If required, both brake pads and discs will be replaced with Genuine MINI parts. Wheel wells will be cleaned and inspected.

MINI Brake Servicing

Rear Brake Pads – though your MINI will indicate when your rear brake pads need checking, it’s worth booking a Rear Brake Pad Service to have these inspected and cleaned.

Rear Brake Pad and Disc Service – with this service, as with the front brake pad and disc version, both rear brake pads and discs are checked. We’ll replace the old pads and discs with new Genuine MINI rear brake pads and discs, and replace the brake wear sensor, too. All parts used are covered by a two-year warranty.

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MINI air conditioning servicing explained:

Air Conditioning Recharge - Is your MINI’s air conditioning not quite working as effectively as it once did? If so, it might be time to recharge your MINI's air conditioning. Schedule a service appointment with our highly skilled technicians, who will conduct comprehensive checks on the system's pressure and identify potential leaks. They’ll also completely drain and refill the system’s refrigerant and lubricants. You can have peace of mind knowing that our technicians will provide the utmost care and attention to your MINI, using only Genuine MINI Parts.

MINI Air Conditioning Service
Air Conditioning Refresh - Craving that fresh car sensation? Treat your MINI with an Air Conditioning Refresh. We’ll delicately clean and sanitise the evaporator and air duct systems as well as the air vents and the interior of your MINI, ensuring a cleaner cabin where you can enjoy that delightful new car scent even longer.

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MOT & Health Check

In addition to servicing, if your vehicle is older than 3 years old then you’ll need to book it in for an annual MOT. This is required by law and ensures that your car meets certain standards relating to road safety and environmental impact. 

During your MOT, a thorough examination of your vehicle takes place, encompassing numerous checks ranging from lights and seatbelts to the exhaust system and beyond. Our expert team of MINI Technicians use their in-depth knowledge of MINIs to conduct these inspections with absolute precision.

Additionally, for new MINIs, we offer a MINI MOT Protect package, which safeguards you against costs associated with repairs, replacements, and labour for essential components such as electrical systems, lighting, steering, and suspension.

MINI MOT & Health Check

Regular MINI health checks are also recommended, especially if you’re preparing for a long journey or planning on driving a lot of miles. Our seasonal health checks cost only £39.99 and will prepare your MINI specifically for the driving conditions ahead.

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Vehicle Check Service

The MINI Vehicle Check Service is required every three years from first registration and then around every two years after. Those covering a large amount of miles in their MINI may require this particular Vehicle Check Service more frequently. 

MINI Vehicle Service

So, what’s included in this service? The team will start by thoroughly inspecting your vehicle, including wheel and tyre checks, to ensure there isn't anything hampering your vehicle’s safety and performance. We’ll also check all fluid levels, including brake fluids and engine oil, and top up with MINI approved fluids where necessary. Electrical systems and lights onboard will be checked to ensure they are not only working correctly but also set up properly. With safety as our foremost concern, we will carefully examine your seatbelts to guarantee their optimal functionality, carefully assessing them for any indications of wear or damage.

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MINI Service Plans & Pay Monthly

Dick Lovett MINI offers a range of brilliant servicing options that enable flexibility and affordability. With Service Inclusive you can complete a one-off payment of £836 for MINI models, £886 for MINI JCW models or only £310 for MINI Electric models which will cover all routine servicing costs up to your vehicle's fifth birthday or 62,000 miles*.

Alternatively, if you want to spread out payments you can sign up for the MINI Pay Monthly Service Plan. The cost of your Service Plan remains fixed throughout its duration, shielding you from inflation and potential future price increases. If you choose to sell your MINI, you’re able to retain the plan and transfer any remaining balance to your new MINI, alleviating concerns about unused credit.

Furthermore, our MINI Pay Monthly Service Plan offers a range of additional benefits to enhance your MINI ownership experience, regardless of your vehicle's age. These perks include:

  • Complimentary fluid top-ups
  • Seasonal health checks
  • Thorough vehicle wash and vacuum services


Model Monthly Payment (36 Monthly Example)
All MINI Models inc. JCW £20.99
MINI Electric £13.99

Enquire About MINI Service Finance Options 

MINI Countryman

For more information, please contact your local Dick Lovett MINI Centre:

Bristol - 01173 216 753

Hungerford - 01488 853 626

Melksham - 01225 562 733

Swindon - 01793 398 505

*T&Cs apply. Cover applicable for Electric vehicles until four years from vehicle registration and, Petrol and PHEV vehicles until five years from vehicle registration.

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