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Your MINI Car Maintenance Schedule Guide

MINI Servicing

Once you drive away in your new or used MINI from Dick Lovett, we’re here to help make sure it stays in peak condition. Here’s our guide to MINI car maintenance and how to schedule your services.

How do I know if my MINI needs a service?

As with any vehicle, the best way to ensure your MINI’s performance is to have it regularly checked by the Dick Lovett MINI servicing team.

Having your MINI frequently maintained means you’ll safeguard its day-to-day running, keep its resale value high, and catch any problems before they arise. Luckily, one of the key benefits of owning a used or new MINI is the built-in reminder system to help you track and identify when performance issues arise.

There are two main systems, dependant on the age of your MINI: a Service Interval Indicator (SII) or, if your MINI is registered after 2006, Condition Based Servicing (CBS). The SII keeps an eye on your mileage and time since your last service, and alerts you with icons depending on what kind of maintenance is required. A CBS performs similar diagnostics and downloads the data to your MINI key, which our technicians then use to find out what repairs your MINI needs. Either way, when your MINI service light tells you it’s ready for a check-up, get in touch with your Dick Lovett dealership to arrange an appointment.

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What’s included in a MINI service?

Our expert MINI technicians treat cars like yours every day - so you can rely on them to use genuine MINI parts and specialist tools and equipment to make sure your MINI stays in top condition.

Your MINI will be ready for an interim check-up every six months or 5,000 miles, and a full service every 12 months or 10,000 miles. In addition, if your new or used MINI has a CBS system, your service intervals are determined by the vehicle and are approx every 18/24 months depending on mileage.

Also our MINI specialists use your key to identify service issues and focus specifically on those - saving you time and money. Pre 2006 MINI’s will be ready for an oil change every 12 months or 10,000 miles, and a full service every 24 months or 20,000 miles. In addition, brake fluid service and A/C charge and refresh is due every 2 years.

Interim MINI Service checks include:

ABS Warning Lights
Interior / exterior fixtures Seatbelts
Mirrors Air conditioning
Oil levels Brake and clutch fluid levels

Full MINI Service checks include:

ABS Warning Lights
Interior / exterior fixtures Seatbelts
Mirrors Air conditioning
Oil levels Brake and clutch fluid levels
Door locks Coolant system
Fans Air filters
Spark Plugs  


Both Interim and Full MINI services include additional inspections depending on the age, mileage and service history of your car.

Pay Monthly Servicing:

At Dick Lovett MINI we are pleased to offer a Pay Monthly Service Plan to make it even easier and more affordable to keep your MINI in top condition. The Pay Monthly Service Plan has replaced the MINI TLC Service Plan.

Finance Example

x2 Service, x1 Brake Fluid Service, x1 Vehicle Check Service, x1 MOT, x2 Nav Update £647.64
36 monthly payments of £17.99

For more information, please contact your local Dick Lovett MINI Centre:

Bath - 01225 562 733

Bristol - 01173 216 753

Hungerford - 01488 853 626

Swindon - 01793 398 505

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