Top 5 Features Of The New MINI Countryman Electric

Posted 9th November 2023

Top 5 Features Of The New MINI Countryman Electric

After getting hands on with the new MINI Countryman Electric for the very first time, we’ve chosen five of our favourite features so far. Let’s check them out:

1. Bold New Design

The new MINI Countryman Electric certainly isn’t a mini car. In fact, it’s the most grown up MINI ever. The model has increased in size and maturity, making it the ideal home for all of your adventures with friends and family.

MINI Countryman Electric 
With a sleek yet rugged new design, the MINI Countryman Electric has undeniable road presence. At home both in the city and great outdoors, the Countryman radiates confidence. A perfect culmination of good looks and genuine functionality, the aerodynamic body of the MINI Countryman Electric maximises efficiency. Customise the exterior and interior of the car to add a personal sense of style that’ll put a smile on your face every time you step behind the wheel.

2. MINI Personal Assistant

For the first time, the cockpit of MINI models now integrates a comprehensive voice assistant. The MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant can be initiated by saying "Hey MINI" or pressing the push-to-talk button on the steering wheel. On the circular OLED display, voice-controlled interactions are presented through animated graphics, typography, and an avatar. The display is customisable, drivers have the option to select between "MINI," a stylised MINI image, or the new digital MINI assistant named "SPIKE," which is available as an optional feature.

MINI Personal Assistant
With its own personality, the MINI Personal Assistant is a great tool as well as a companion alongside you while on the road. It manages essential functions of your MINI vehicle, including navigation, phone calls, radio control, and temperature adjustments. Whether you require information about your trip, weather updates, specific requests, a casual conversation, or a good joke, it's at your service.

3. Charging Simplicity

With a fully charged battery, the all-electric MINI Countryman can travel up to 287 miles (WLTP) on a single charge. A variety of charging options are available to ensure maximum convenience no matter where you are.

At home, the most effective method of charging is by using a dedicated home charger like that offered by Pod Point. The MINI Countryman E can be charged from 0 - 100% in 6:30h using an 11 kW AC charger while the Countryman SE ALL4 can do so in 3:45h using the optional, more powerful, 22 kW AC option.

MINI Countryman Electric Charging
Meanwhile, everything you need for public charging is standard equipment with your new MINI, with the MINI Charging Card and the Mode 3 charging cable included, and no additional hardware needed. You can charge your Countryman E or SE ALL4 from 10 - 80% in a minimum of 29 minutes when utilising 130 kW DC charging power.

Quick and easy charging is made even easier thanks to the MINI Countryman Electric’s integrated navigation system that allows you to plan your route with charging in mind. The MINI App also assists by showing you your current state of charge, available range, costs, charging time, or the nearest charging station and the corresponding costs.

4. MINI Experience Modes

Included as standard features, there are three MINI Experience Modes available for you to select, enabling you to optimise the unique attributes of your all-electric MINI Countryman to match your driving conditions and preferences. Each mode boasts its distinct appearance and functionality.

  • Green Mode - eco-friendly, streamlined, and entirely noiseless, this is the exceptionally efficient drive that will significantly extend the lifespan of your battery.
  • Core Mode - a classic and comfortable MINI driving experience infused with a refined and contemporary atmosphere.
  • Go-Kart Mode - drawing inspiration from the iconic John Cooper Works heritage, this mode delivers an exhilarating driving experience. It features a high-octane motorsport-inspired aesthetic, providing a more responsive steering wheel and accelerator pedal for an adrenaline-pumping ride.

MINI Experience Modes
In addition to the three main modes, there are also optional and model dependent MINI Experience Modes that provide ultimate customisation and driving ambience.

5. Sustainable Interior

MINI has introduced an entirely animal-friendly, leather-free interior option crafted from sustainable materials, many of which derive from recycled sources. Innovative seat surfaces crafted from knitted textiles guarantee an equivalent level of premium quality and seating comfort as leather, ensuring there are no compromises in terms of appearance, feel, or functionality.

Their 2D flat knit material, used for dashboards, door panels, and lids, consists of over 90% recycled polyester fibres. This process consumes approximately 98% less water compared to cotton production and results in a reduction of about 80% in CO2 emissions when compared to traditional polyester manufacturing methods.

MINI Sustainable Interior
Additionally, the latest generation wheels are now manufactured using up to 70% recycled aluminium - secondary aluminium production is associated with 95% fewer greenhouse emissions.

These are some of our favourite features of the new MINI Countryman Electric, but we can’t wait for you to choose yours. To be one of the first to experience this incredible new model, please register your interest below.

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