The MINI Cooper S – A go kart for the road

Posted 15th July 2019

The MINI Cooper S   A Go Kart For The Road

You flick the instrumental dial from ‘Green’, passed ‘Mid’ and find yourself looking at a glowing red-light cluster with chequered flags on the digital screen.

‘Maximum Go-Kart feel’ aren’t just words on a screen in the MINI Cooper S, it’s an invitation to experience the intoxicating feeling of freedom as you hear the turbo whistle and the exhaust crackle from the rear.

MINI Cooper S On The Track

MINI Cooper S Blur

MINI Cooper S Interior

The MINI Cooper S is renowned for being a car that is inspired by the track, but ready for the open road. With its dramatic styling and race inspired interior, the Cooper S ensures that the driver is solely focused on enjoying the road, with optional extras including Head-Up Display, Adaptive LED headlights and a paddle shifting Automatic gearbox.

As you enter the car you will instantly be welcomed by a low centre of gravity, and a sporty interior. Under the bonnet you will find a 2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that puts out 189bhp and 207lb ft of torque. As a result, the 0-62mph time of 6.8 seconds makes this one real pocket rocket.

MINI Cooper S On Race Track

MINI Cooper S Interior Cabin

MINI Cooper S Racing Go Kart

After the tremendous success of the original Mini Cooper during the 1960’s, the production team decided to add more power to the unrivalled hatchback, creating the Mini Cooper S. The recipe has been left untouched for decades, ensuring the MINI’s core purpose is to have fun behind the wheel.

The main reason why the original MINI was compared to a kart was that the creation of Sir Alec Issigonis positioned the wheels as far out towards the corner of the vehicle as possible and used rigid rubber cones instead of springs in the suspension. Those little changes made it more stable while cornering, something that was almost unheard of during this era.

Cooper Jumping

Mini diagram

Old mini

The MINI Cooper S now comes in three simple styles, Classic, Sport and Exclusive, which all change the equipment within the car, enabling it to be as unique as its owner, but the core intention of the Cooper S stays the same through each variant, to simply head out and fall in love with driving!

A special thank you to West Country Karting for allowing the use of their circuit.

For more information, please contact your local Dick Lovett MINI Centre:

MINI Bristol​ - 01173 216 752

MINI Hungerford - 01488 853 625

MINI Melksham - 01225 562 734

MINI Swindon - 01793 398 504

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