The MINI Aceman Concept: MINI gains a new member of the family

Posted 27th July 2022

Updated on 26th April 2024

The MINI Aceman Concept: MINI gains a new member of the family

The MINI Aceman has officially joined the MINI new car line-up, taking this model from a concept to a reality. Hitting the roads in November 2024, you can read more about the new 2024 MINI Aceman here.


Its an exciting time for MINI fans as MINI unveil the new MINI Aceman Concept! ... So, what do we know so far?

The Facts:

  • An all-electric drive
  • A new digital interior experience 
  • MINI’s first all-electric SUV
  • Sizing sits between the Hatch and Countryman
  • Dimensions: 4.05m long, 1.99m wide and 1.59m high
  • Familiar MINI styling cues 
  • Powerful front-end design
  • MINI edginess
  • Electrified go-kart feeling

Register your interest to meet the MINI Aceman

MINI is a brand that has always been about authenticity and character from the 1950s to now, and these are the attributes that fans and customers love, and the product lineup reflects this. But with the new MINI Concept Aceman, comes a new iteration of the iconic MINI design that we all love. The design is known as ‘charismatic simplicity’.

2 News Images Landscape

2 News Images Landscape (1)

But what is behind charismatic simplicity?

Focussing on the essential and MINI icons from the days of the Classic Mini. The fourth generation of the modern MINI gives a nostalgic nod to Mini’s heritage with classic styling elements such as the centre console and small steering wheel, whilst adding a new and exciting innovative immersive experience for drivers. 

For the first time ever, a new digital experience interior including a light up grille and headlight surrounds greets the driver. Inside, the experience modes with personalisation options such as a personal background on the centre console, moving imagery, ambient sounds are all tailored to the driver.  Your digital driving companion. 

What’s more, the Concept Aceman has a strong focus on environmental footprint with no chrome, no leather and many recycled materials including knitted surfaces.

2 News Images Landscape (3)

2 News Images Landscape (2)

We cannot wait to hear more about the MINI Concept Aceman, so stay tuned to Dick Lovett MINI in the coming months for further exciting updates.

In the meantime, if you would like to register your interest for this brand new member of the MINI family, then please get in touch.

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You can also view the World Premiere for yourself here

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