5 features we love about the new MINI Cooper Electric

Posted 11th October 2023

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5 features we love about the new MINI Cooper Electric

After getting hands on with the all-new MINI Cooper Electric, we’re excited to share with you five of our favourite features of the new model.  This is the beginning of a new generation of MINI vehicles that we can’t wait for you to explore for yourself.

1. John Cooper Works Style

The new MINI Cooper Electric has many customisation options, enabling maximum personalisation. The optional Cooper Sport trim features aggressive John Cooper Works styling that provides an alternative flavour of style for those who appreciate a sporty aesthetic. You’ll also notice the updated John Cooper Works logo, a nice extra touch that signifies MINI’s next step into the future.

MINI Cooper Electric Sport

A large rear spoiler and diffuser are among our favourite of the new styling options. When outfitted with the Cooper Sport trim, the looks of the MINI Cooper Electric reminds us of retro rally cars like the Renault 5 Turbo and MG Metro 6R4 - with a modern twist of course. We really like the design and how much variety is available when you design your own.

2. Upgraded Charging and Range

The new MINI Cooper Electric boasts improved range and charging figures over its predecessor, the MINI Electric. There’s two variations of the Electric MINI Cooper to choose from, the Cooper E and Cooper SE. The Cooper E has 184hp and a range of 177 - 190 miles (WLTP) while the Cooper SE has 218hp and a range of 234 - 250 miles (WLTP). 

MINI Navigation as well as the MINI App help to ensure you maximise your vehicle’s range while also simplifying the overall charging experience. Fully integrated EV routing guides you to your destinations safely and smoothly. 

MINI Cooper Electric
The swift and simple charging of your fully electric MINI Cooper ensures you're always prepared for your next journey, whether you're at home, at work, or on the go. The Cooper E can be charged from 10 - 80% in as little as 28 minutes while on the go and using a 75 kW DC charger. On the other hand, while you’re at home you can fully charge the car from 0 - 100% in 4.5 hours using 11 kW AC charging.

3. An Interior Like No Other

MINI’s new interior design for the Cooper Electric is all about minimalism, comfort, and innovation. MINI Experience Modes are the heart of this, every mode features unique creative design, ambient lighting scheme, and sound palette. With just a single command, you can completely alter the appearance and atmosphere of your cockpit.

This works excellently alongside the new OLED display. Employing cutting-edge OLED technology measuring 240 mm in diameter and adorned with high-quality glass, it presents a unique, minimalist aesthetic. This display operates as both your instrument cluster and your onboard infotainment and assistance hub, with the circular OLED screen marking a groundbreaking achievement in the world of automotive technology.

MINI Cooper Electric Interior

You have three distinct style options to select from, providing a range of MINI designs to let your personality shine – Classic, Exclusive, and Sport. Each of these options includes exclusive features and custom design elements for various components, spanning from the dashboard and steering wheel to the seat upholstery and headliner.

MINI has utilised innovative textile aesthetics to create an exciting yet cosy ambience. Crafted from premium recycled materials and woven using a unique 2D technique, the fabric offers a luxurious tactile sensation and expanded design possibilities. Moreover, it serves as an ideal canvas for projections in different MINI Experience Modes.

4. Selectable Light Signatures

The front and rear LED light design of the new MINI Cooper Electric is iconic. Purposeful and stylish, you can now customise the welcome and goodbye orchestration of the lights as well as the light pattern of the rear lights to suit your mood.

MINI Cooper Electric LED Light Signatures
In addition to the powerful and efficient LED technology that comes standard, you can opt for LED headlights with enhanced features. Through intelligent adaptive activation of the low beam and cornering light functions, these headlights provide improved side illumination for different driving scenarios. Optional MINI logo projection from both the passenger and the driver-side mirrors is also available.

5. Just Toggle It

All it takes is a simple toggle switch – whether it's for the parking brake, changing gears, selecting MINI Experience Modes, and more. These five user-friendly controls have been reexamined and revamped for improved accessibility, usability, and experimentation.

MINI Toggle Switches
We really like how simple it is to complete these actions. It fits perfectly within the new MINI Cooper Electric, alongside other physical switches that remain. This is one of many features that ensure the new model doesn’t lose its unmistakable MINI character.

Want to explore this incredible new model for yourself? Get in touch with our team to order the new Electric MINI Cooper or simply to learn more.

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