15 reasons why the MINI E is the best small electric car

Posted 28th February 2020

MINI Electric

As the ultimate small-car maker with an inherent focus on urban commuting, MINI is a natural leader in electric cars.

There are plenty of excellent reasons why the new MINI Electric is the best small electric car and one of the most hotly anticipated cars of 2020, enhanced with a plethora of tech and performance to rival its hot-hatch sibling the Cooper S. Not only that, it will be one of the most affordable electric cars on the market, priced from just £24,900.

Here are fifteen  reasons why the MINI Electric is the best small electric car for your money. 

1. The MINI Electric is the first battery-powered vehicle from the iconic brand to reach the market. Its official name is the MINI Cooper SE – but you'll also hear it referred to as the MINI E. 

2. This all-electric MINI is impressively nippy. Reaching 62mph from a standing start in just 7.3 seconds, with a maximum output of 184hp and torque of 270Nm – on a par with the Cooper S.

3. It’s a true MINI in look and feel and lives up to the classic British marque's promise of go-kart excitement on the road. Feeling solidly planted on the tarmac and superb fun to whip round tight bends.

MINI Electric (2)

MINI Electric (1)

4. The new MINI Electric Cooper SE is the first MINI to feature a toggle switch to the left of the start/stop toggle, offering you the choice of either intense or low-level power regeneration – regardless of the MINI Driving Modes – allowing you to select the best setting for your own style of driving. This recharges the battery when you lift off the accelerator, preserving energy and acting as a braking force. 

5. This versatile small car has a range of up to 145 miles on a single charge. Since the average UK driver’s daily commute is just 26 miles, you should only have to charge it once every five days – making it the perfect car for urban driving. Using the app, you can even control when you want the car to start charging.

6. As the MINI E is a fully electric car, one of the first things you notice when driving is how calm it feels inside. With no noise from the engine, you feel more relaxed and connected to the world outside. Without the need to change gear, accelerating feels smooth and effortless with instant torque from the electric motor. And when you put your foot down, there’s an immediate response and surge of speed that makes an electric vehicle ideal for city driving.

MINI Electric Toggle Switch

MINI Electric Automatic

7. Not only that...right now the MINI E is also exempt from Road Tax.

8. Topping the MINI E up to full charge costs just £5.31, which means running the MINI E costs as little as 4p per mile.

9. Satellite navigation comes as standard and traffic updates link to the navigation automatically, which in turn keeps you informed about the car's range. If the sat nav thinks you may not make it to your destination, it will re-route you to a public charging location to top up.  With over 8,000 charging points across the UK, you won’t ever have to go far out of your way.

MINI Electric Charge

MINI Electric Interior

10. There’s no need to wait for the battery to run out before charging. Just plug and play your MINI Electric anytime you want. Download the Zap Map App to always know where your nearest charging point is.

11. Home charging with a MINI wall box takes just 3 hours 12 minutes to reach full charge, or 50kw charging powers from 0-80% in only 36 minutes. 

12. The battery comes with an 8-year /100,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty.

MINI Electric Badge

13. The MINI E guarantees your comfort from the off with the preconditioning feature. 

14. The MINI Electric costs less to service than a petrol engine car (as there are fewer moving parts to go wrong) and you can leave longer gaps between services.

15. MINI engineers and designers have accommodated the battery without compromising either the cabin space or the boot volume of the MINI Cooper SE.

MINI Boot Space

All in all?  You're driving a car that is 100% MINI. A fast one too. One that only costs a fiver to fill up. And doing your bit for the planet. What’s not to love?

Get in on the action. Book a test drive now or visit Dick Lovett MINI in Bristol, Swindon, Melksham and Hungerford to experience all that is fabulous about the MINI Electric for yourself.

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