Your Free MINI Health Check, Just in Time For Summer! ​

It’s always better to be safe than sorry and Dick Lovett MINI can make keeping your cherished MINI in tip-top condition an absolute breeze this summer.

With the warmer weather and lighter nights you’ll be grabbing your MINI car keys and heading for the open road, whether it’s for a weekend away, a family picnic or just a relaxing countryside drive.

The last thing you’ll want is an unexpected garage bill so let Dick Lovett’s MINI Approved Technicians keep you on the road by booking in for a free MINI Health Check and a full no obligation report.

The MINI Health Check takes just 20 minutes and covers all the day-to-day essentials, including tyre condition and pressure, brakes, steering, controls, suspension, lights, oil levels, coolant and screenwash levels, as well as belts and hoses. All topped off with a courtesy wash and vac - just the thing to prepare your MINI for its next adventure.


But you can also help yourself by thinking FLOWER. And not the daisy variety, either! This one is designed to help you stay safe on the open road come rain or shine.

Fuel – top up when you pass a filling station rather than delay looking for one until the low-fuel light comes on.

Lights – clean all exterior lights regularly and check for blown bulbs or cracks in the lens.

Oil – MINIs can use as much as a litre of oil every 1,000 miles. Check the oil level regularly (see handbook), don’t wait for the oil pressure warning light to come on to prevent engine damage.

Water – overheating is a common cause of breakdown, especially in hotter weather. Check the coolant level (see handbook) and if the level seems low, visually check for leaks. Top up windscreen washer fluid, too.

Electrics – battery problems are the number one cause of breakdowns at any time of the year. Renew an old, tired battery before it lets you down. Also make sure your radiator cooling fan starts running when the engine is hot.

Rubber – incorrectly inflated tyres are not only unsafe, they can wear out faster and can increase fuel consumption by around 5%. If you’re driving with extra luggage or passengers remember to increase your tyre pressure accordingly (see handbook).

Take the easy road this summer and call Dick Lovett MINI for a free MINI Health Check now.

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